Lethal Capitol breach might delay reopening selections about safety, fencing | Nationwide Information


Lawmakers hated fencing almost everywhere, saying that the seat of American democracy should be open to the people, even if there was always a threat.

But after Friday’s attack, some said they needed to proceed with caution.

“It’s a thorn in the side, it sucks,” said Ohio Democratic MP Tim Ryan of the fencing in the hours after the two deaths. “Nobody there wants that. The question, however, is whether the environment is safe enough to degrade. In the meantime, that fence can potentially prevent some of these things from happening. “

Ryan, chairman of a House spending committee that oversees security and the Capitol, said no decisions had been made and that lawmakers would “review everything” following the latest fatal incident. His committee and others are investigating not only the fence, but the human, structural and intelligence capabilities of the Capitol Police.

“The scab was torn off here today,” said Ryan. “So we have to find out.”

Despite the fence, the injury occurred on Friday in the area. The driver slipped through a gate that had opened to allow traffic in and out of the Capitol and rammed a barrier that had protected the building long before January 6th. And there was no evidence that Green was involved in the uprising in any way.