Lo-Fi Gymnasium Staples and Techy Upgrades for Any Exercise


Exercise equipment doesn’t have to be super fancy, overly complicated, or Bluetooth enabled to be effective. Regardless of your fitness level, you can get a solid workout with a few functional tools, a killer playlist, and some willpower. What motivates us these days is to get back to basics with simple lo-fi workouts and DIY routines that focus on the basics for full body lift. We’ve put together the tips and tools you need to master planks, squats, pushups, crunches, and more – plus a support crew for post-workout recovery.

  • GAIAM Restore Ankle Weights Goop, $ 18


    Weighted bangles were without a doubt the most popular accessory of 2020 because a little boost can make a big difference when motivation is low. These two and a half pound ankle weights will help you get better jumping jacks, climbers, scissor thrusts, downhill dogs, and walks around the block. And as Gerda Endemann, our Senior Director of Science and Research and the most sensible person in our editorial team, says: “Why wouldn’t you wear this whenever possible?”

  • GAIAM Evolve Balance Board Goop, $ 80


    To sneak in a micro-exercise when you’re not exercising, try a balance board. Balance boards keep your legs, lower back, and core muscles going by challenging your stability – try it at your standing desk (or at the kitchen counter if you’re using it as a desk) or when you’re standing for long periods of time. And we all know by now the negative effects of long periods of sitting on our bodies. So, think of this as a good excuse to get up from the chair and get up more often.

  • GAIAM BOSU Pro balance trainer

    GAIAM BOSU Pro Balance Trainer Goop, $ 160


    This classic gym standby, the BOSU ball, intensifies every bodyweight exercise and is super versatile and suitable for every fitness level. BOSU stands for “both sides up” or “both sides used,” so use the rounded side to try core exercises like crunches, bridges, oblique twists, and triceps dips. Flip it over and do pushups, burpees (lift the ball with you while jumping), and climbers.

  • GAIAM full body balance ball kit

    Therabody Wave Roller Goop, $ 149


    Take the powerful mechanics and intelligent technology of a Theragun, wrap it in a foam roller and you have Therabody’s new Wave Roller: a vibrating roller that relieves muscle tension and helps you recover after your workout. Each of the five vibration levels is whisper-quiet and the dense foam strikes the right balance between firm and mushy.

  • Drea Wheeler resistance bands

    Drea Wheeler resistance bands goop, $ 40


    Whether you’re exercising at a low intensity or with a HIIT routine, stretchable exercise bands are a favorite for adding extra resistance when exercising your legs. The gray ones offer the least resistance and adjust around the ankles for standing kickbacks (these work your glutes and hamstrings) or side leg raises (to strengthen the hip muscles). Pink and black are medium and high strength ribbons that can be worn over the knees for side steps, squats, and hip bridges. In addition, the straps can be stowed in a drawer, which makes them a space-saving and effective training device.

  • JaxJox Kettlebell Connect 2.0

    Bala The Power Ring Goop, $ 85


    The Bala Power Ring is a sleek replacement for your old kettlebell. It weighs ten pounds and is amazingly easy to use for kettlebell swings, core twists, and Pilates. It’s evenly weighted so it always feels balanced, and it’s made from recycled stainless steel wrapped in soft, non-slip silicone.

  • WTHN acupressure mat set

    WTHN acupressure mat set goop, $ 65


    Massage may be back on the table, but we are still investing in self-massage equipment to soothe our sore muscles. Basically, all you have to do is lie down on this acupressure mat, relax and let the little raised plastic points stimulate your body. But if you want to take it a notch up, there are tons of positions to add pressure points in your feet, arms, and hands.

  • HigherDOSE infrared sauna blanket V3

    HigherDOSE infrared sauna blanket V3 goop, $ 500


    If you want to sweat well without exercising (we’re not blaming you) this infrared sauna blanket with layers of amethyst, tourmaline and charcoal is for you. It’s especially good for loosening up stiff muscles and giving you that glow that comes straight from the steam room.

  • Therabody Theragun Mini

    Therabody Theragun Mini-Goop, $ 199


    It’s the same Theragun we know and love, but smaller, quieter, and more portable. This little percussion massager has three speeds to hit tight spots, knots, and cramps, and you can run it for 150 minutes on a single charge. (It also comes in a dusty pink color.)

  • Aligned LoRox dome

    Pelvic Clock Pelvic Clock Exercise Device Goop, $ 84


    Former Olympic gymnastics trainer Yana Blinova invented the pelvic clock exercise device to help people achieve flexibility, strength, and symmetry in the lower back, pelvic floor, and core – to prevent pain. You start by lying on your back and placing the pelvic clock under your pelvis. (Surprise.) Then adjust the inclination of your hips until the device is level with the floor. From there, try rocking your hips from side to side or in a vertical line that points up to your head and down to your toes. To help you get the most out of the device, Blinova has developed exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor. tight hips, back, and hip flexors; occasional sciatica; Pregnancy and puerperium; and core stability.

  • Manduka The Restorative Bundle

    Manduka GRP yoga mat goop, $ 128


    The more sweaty you get, the more grippy this mat will be. That means you can focus more on transitioning from the crow to the handstand – or relaxing in the Down Dog – and less on making adjustments just to keep your asana in place. A good pillow also provides support and stability for your practice.

  • The self-cleaning bottle from Larq

    Larq The Larq Self-Cleaning Bottle Goop, $ 95


    We love the self-cleaning bottle from Larq. Every two hours – or every time you press the button on the lid – it purifies your water with a UV-C LED light that can reduce the growth of microbes. It’s made of stainless steel and is insulated so your sips at the end of the sweat session are just as refreshing as your sips at the beginning.

  • goop wellness high school genes

    goop Wellness High School Gene goop, $ 90 / $ 75
    with subscription


    Exercise is important – as is supplying your body with the right vitamins and supplements. Our metabolism changes over time, and if you need a little extra support, this protocol is for women who feel like their bodies are no longer responding as they used to. If you don’t notice any changes even after exercising and eating a healthy diet, it may be time to try High School Genes, which supports healthy glucose and energy metabolism with ingredients like chromium, green tea, Chinese cinnamon, and alpha lipoic acid.