Louisville Water Advantages From KloudGin To Ship Key Parts of Asset Administration Overhaul


SUNNYVALE, California – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Louisville Water Company, a valued KloudGin customer, recently noted the benefits of using KloudGin’s work management platform as part of their ambitious multi-year plan to overhaul customer service by introducing technology while modernizing the water utility and maintenance have experienced reliability.

KloudGin’s labor management platform provides Louisville Water with increased employee and operational efficiency, automated processes, asset management transparency, and outstanding customer service. The system enables Louisville Water to provide employees with cross-application analytics that support process improvement, error prevention and a better employee experience, while working with other systems to ensure that resources are flexible enough to handle emergency situations.

The employee mobility strategy brings data to hand

“This implementation was the largest technology project in Louisville Water’s history,” said Dave Vogel, Louisville Water’s executive vice president of customer service. “These simple benefits mean we can better serve our customers.”

“Our new planning and mobile field service solution, which replaced our old system in just 10 weeks, has significantly improved our ability to respond to incidents on site by allowing users to capture the current valve status at the time of an incident”, said Obe Everett, director of program management and business systems support.

By integrating KloudGin with utility digital systems, Louisville Water has:

  • Improved punctuality for customer appointments from 1 percent to 97 percent

  • Reduced manual data entry by 530 hours per month

  • Work order throughput increased by 23 percent

  • Reduction of time recording for back office employees by 75 percent through automatic time recording and integration into the existing time recording module

A full analysis from Louisville Water on their data-driven facility overhaul and the extreme efficiency benefits they have seen using KloudGin is now available in a cover story on WaterWorld.

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