making inventive entrepreneurship a actuality


The second session of the monthly ACM Hangouts will be on Creative Entrepreneurship: From Vision to Reality, bringing together a group of professionals with a vision – Lisa Gwen Andrews (Creative Entrepreneurship at Arts Council Malta), Nathan Farrugia (Business Coach and entrepreneur) and Stephanie Borg, artist and creative entrepreneur.

How should creative people deal with entrepreneurship and what skills and knowledge are required to promote a successful company? This month’s ACMHangouts discussion begins by covering these and other topics, while Lisa Gwen tackles the issue of today’s COVID challenge scenario head on.

Fostering a climate that supports creative entrepreneurship is one of the key pillars of the ACM strategy. The discussion takes a very hands-on approach as Lisa Gwen emphasizes the importance of fundamentals like branding, building a solid structure, identifying stakeholders and customers, and outsourcing work when necessary, and other elements that help run a business successfully.

Panellists Nathan and Stephanie share their experiences on how to take the plunge to monetize their art. Stephanie offers a special glimpse into what she calls the “leap of faith” in starting her business, which focuses on art related to traditional Maltese tile design.

Nathan deals with the problem of identifying skills and knowledge base and applying them to fill a niche in the market while monetizing it. It is important to find out how money can be made with artistic skills.

This ACMHangouts session will include Professor Giep Hagoort, whose research on creative entrepreneurship is widely recognized and who weighs up his thoughts on how the COVID-19 crisis has affected creative companies and markets.

Francesca Cassar from Malta Enterprise speaks about retraining and continuing education for artistic endeavors in light of the 2020 climate, explaining that these concepts are important not only in the context of a pandemic but also in normal day-to-day business.

Spazju Kreattiv’s Artistic Director Daniel Azzopardi focuses on creating viable artistic programs in the current scenario and how it has become a priority to redefine ourselves and take a flexible and forward-looking approach. His words are echoed by Blitz founder Alexandra Pace, who traces the journey that took the Blitz commercial and creative project to where it is today, and how adaptability was an integral part of that process.

The sessions are organized by the Arts Council Malta and broadcast live on Facebook every month. For more information on upcoming ACM hangouts, please visit the Arts Council Malta Facebook page.

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