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John Maxwell said, “Leaders should be close enough to connect with others, but ahead enough to motivate them”. The Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions wants to impart the mentioned qualities of networking and leadership to the students and offers the students the opportunity to master all industry-specific skills. With a glorious legacy of more than 16 years, the Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions offers outstanding management courses under the umbrella of the Dev Bhoomi School of Business Management. Located in the quiet surroundings of Dehradun, the school offers students the opportunity to distinguish themselves in the field of the company. With a range of specializations to match current industry needs, the MBA program offered at DBSBM requires an accurate curriculum moderated by the faculty’s experts. The school’s ultimate goal is not only to sharpen industry-savvy individuals, but also to improve their perspective on life and make them better people. The idea remains to constantly strive to improve society by providing high-quality education.


As one of the top MBA colleges in Dehradun, there are several reasons why DBSBM should be the first choice for MBA aspirants. Here are some great reasons why you should choose a DBSBM MBA:

The curriculum offered at DBSBM is structured in such a way that it offers an immersive and experience-oriented approach to learning. The school offers a comprehensive pedagogy that maintains a balance between theory and practice. Therefore, the students get to know various areas and nuances of management.

  • Building bridges between industry and science

Through a variety of bridging initiatives, students get the perfect learning of industrial practices along with academic theories. Whether seminars, field visits, case studies or guest lectures, the holistic dovetailing with industry is guaranteed by these initiatives.

The DBSBM faculty consists of established scientists and academics. You have a broad research pool behind you and have a wide range of knowledge on this topic. This makes the DBSBM classroom transformative in every way.

  • Holistic career support

The DBSBM Brotherhood offers 360-degree support in the entire career development of students. It has its own Corporate Research Center, which ensures that the students find a worthwhile internship and later a groundbreaking job.

The DBSBM campus is home to students from all parts of India and is an emerging center of diversity. The campus offers students a diverse range of multicultural experiences in order to learn from real experiences.


There are a number of MBA options to choose from at DBSBM. Students can opt for a General MBA and then venture into the multitude of specializations or opt for a specialized MBA.

  1. MBA

As an integrated two-year program, the MBA at DBSBM has been curated so that students enter as prospective learners and exit the course as seasoned industry professionals. The specializations offered as part of this program are geared towards the current requirements of the industry. There are eight specializations in total, namely Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, International Business, Information Technology, Agri-Business.

  1. MBA in Big Data Analytics

Data analytics is one of the most requested areas. With this specialized MBA in Big Data Analytics, students will become proficient in data mining and analyzing data trends to develop effective business solutions. Using the best of pedagogical methods, students are given the opportunity to become leading professionals in data analytics.

  1. MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

The means of production have increased rapidly in the recent past, just the fact that the pandemic brought numerous challenges in the area of ​​production shows the immense potential that the area of ​​supply chain management brings with it. This course provides in-depth knowledge in the areas of logistics, inventory management, project management and material handling.

  1. MBA in Innovation Entrepreneurship and Venture Development

This two-year program prioritizes the importance of innovation and venture development in building an entrepreneurial business and aims to improve the way that a person handles and manages any entrepreneurial business.

In addition to these cutting-edge advantages, the DBSBM also offers exemplary placements. In a class in 2020, the highest CTC offered by over 60 recruiters was 12 LPA and the average CTC was 4 LPA. Some of the leading recruiters included Tech Mahindra, ITC, Vivo, JustDial, CapGemini, among others.

The remarkable placements, holistic pedagogy, and thriving diversity make DBSBM the best choice for MBA aspirants.

The admission deadline for 2021 is soon. To apply or to find out more about the programs at DBSBM, click here.

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