Methods to Layer Skincare with Sunscreen – Skincare Routine Order


There is a miracle skin care elixir that is gentle on young people – and it is a mineral sunscreen. As long as you are careful to maintain healthy vitamin D levels (sunscreen blocks the rays that help our bodies make vitamin D), no other serum or cream can match the power to keep the shine, texture, the tone, smoothness and smoothness of your skin to maintain elasticity. So when investing in skin care, put on sunscreen every day, whether you’re running errands or just working indoors all day (windows let the sun’s rays in directly).

Mineral sunscreens (only zinc, titanium dioxide or both should be listed in the active ingredient box) work by sitting on the skin and physically blocking UVA and UVB rays. On the other hand, chemical sunscreens (there are many, but common ones are oxybenzone, octinoxate or octyl methoxycinnamate, homosalate, octisalate, octocrylene and avobenzone) absorb the sun’s rays instead of deflecting them. They can be some of the most powerful skin irritants in the beauty industry, while mineral sunscreen ingredients can soothe the skin. (Chemical sunscreens can also disrupt our hormones, trigger allergies, and even kill corals.)

Since they sit on the skin, mineral sunscreen should generally be your final step by including all of your busy serums and moisturizers and creating a physical barrier against the sun. (Protocols where sunscreen is applied as the first layer apply to chemical sunscreens as they need to absorb deeply to deflect the sun’s rays.)

These three simple routines – one for the beach, one for days off without makeup, and one for a meeting or even a date – will show you exactly how to get it right.

For makeup-free great skin

Vitamin C is the best first step for instant, long-term glow, regardless of your skin type. It brightens, firms, hydrates, and evens out texture and tone. It has also been shown to have a mild sunscreen effect, although it is not a substitute for sunscreen. Apply vitamin C to bare skin, leave it on for a few minutes and then apply a moisturizer: Dr. Macrene Alexiades contains over fifty active ingredients. In addition, Unsun’s tinted facial sun protection sinks almost invisibly – it is super nutritious, works on all skin tones and makes your skin so soft.


Best secret: vitamin C.

This new daily glow serum combines two skin care powerhouses, L-ascorbic acid (which research has shown to be the purest and most skin-friendly form of the antioxidant vitamin C) and moisturizing hyaluronic acid (a hydrator naturally found in the body). The unique two-piece design maximizes potency and freshness, delivering a serum that stays active throughout its use. Before using for the first time, mix the highly effective 20% vitamin C powder with the hyaluronic acid serum. (There are three different sizes of molecules of hyaluronic acid to penetrate different layers of the skin, as well as the antioxidant Australian cockatoo plum with superfruits.) The ingredients work synergistically to lighten the appearance of the skin and greatly improve its firmness, tone and skin . Texture and moisture and make it look radiant, luminous and healthy.


Packaged in antioxidant
Face cream

This bestselling cream from top New York dermatologist Macrene Alexiades contains over fifty herbal ingredients – it’s just amazing for your skin. With three Harvard degrees, a Fulbright, and countless dermatological awards for her name, Dr. Alexiades first applied the cream for her patients, “so that they could see me less!” She laughs. Superhydrators such as olive oil, purslane, and hyaluronic acid; research-based peptides; red and blue algae; Fatty acids; and stable forms of powerful antioxidants like vitamins C and E work synergistically to reduce the appearance of fine lines, redness, sun damage, dryness and dullness while fighting free radicals and refreshing and rejuvenating the skin.


Smooths the right sun protection factor 30

This beautifully structured mineral sunscreen for everyday use melts like an absolute dream on the skin and is available in two super wearable shades: the medium / dark mixes with skin tones from olive to dark chocolate, while the light / medium for tones of very light until light looks sprinkled with freckles. Created by Katonya Breaux (fun fact: she’s the mother of singer Frank Ocean) who was frustrated not finding clean, eco-friendly sunscreen options for women in color. It’s made with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide to block both UVA and UVB rays, as well as skin pampering aloe and shea butter. It’s reef safe and great on its own or under makeup. We love the finish: radiant, protected, natural-looking skin without leaving a whitish sheen.

For an important zoom call

For bright, wide awake eyes that look fantastic in person (and especially over a screen), smooth down Jillian Dempsey’s new gel eye masks for about fifteen minutes beforehand. If you feel advanced, apply serum or face oil before the masks. Use Dempsey’s vibrating gold stick to squeeze in all of the nourishing skin care regimen (she recommends massaging your face with it for ten minutes for optimal lift and smoothening). Then apply a layer of ILIA’s light tinted moisturizer SPF 40. The combination of the gels and the roller smooths, fills and lifts, while the ILIA offers an even, radiant, imperfect, fuzzy finish that translates perfectly over video.


All That Serum

Unsurprisingly, this oil has a cult following: it’s an infusion of 22 active organic botanicals mixed with strong essential oils. Phytonutrients and minerals help balance the skin. Phytoceramides, nourishing fatty acids and antioxidants stimulate and brighten dull skin. The revolutionary formula works wonderfully and leaves your skin smooth and radiant.


Decapitate eye masks

There is nothing like these cooling, smoothing, decapitated and ultra-hydrating prebiotic eye sheet masks to wake up your whole face. Leave them on for about fifteen minutes in the morning and walk through the day to get a brighter, brighter version of yourself. Or use them just before a big night (or before a big night these days) for sparkling, wide-awake eyes. “The masks are made of biocellulose with a skin-like texture, so they are pliable and don’t feel – and bathe your skin in a milky serum that smooths and firms and doesn’t drip,” says Dempsey, who she uses for preparing her customers on the created the red carpet and found that they make everyone look subtly (but clearly) more rested and fresher. A mixture of hyaluronic acid, almond and cameline oils saturates the masks to moisturize, soothe and nourish the skin so that the under eye area remains supple and radiant. To use them, just peel off the paper on both sides and tape one under each eye. And for the ultimate experience, put on the masks and use Dempsey’s brilliant vibrating roller over it.


Lifting and shaping bar

Dempsey discovered this brilliant, smooth gold bar while working in Japan and immediately began using it with her clients. Made from 24-karat gold, it uses subtle vibrations to make the face appear more sculpted. it feels great, like a firm massage. Dempsey uses it to prepare their clients for the red carpet. However, she recommends using it for ten to fifteen minutes every day for best results. The effects last for almost a day or night.


Skin-smoothing tinted moisturizer with sun protection factor 40

This incredible SPF 40 tinted moisturizer subtly blurs imperfections, smoothes, hydrates, protects, and enhances skin tone. Powerful skin care ingredients like niacinamide, vegetable squalane and hyaluronic acid combine with non-nano zinc oxide to protect, nourish and deeply moisturize the skin. Natural pigments leave the wettest finish on your skin, but a better finish. Best of all, it’s available in thirty colors.

For a day at the beach

SPF 50 is important if you want to be in full sun. But also a lot of moisture – in addition to UV rays, water, sand and wind can dry out incredibly for the skin. Start with a layer of rich face cream, wait a minute or two for it to absorb. If you’re prone to drier skin, sprinkle a moisturizing face oil over it. Wait a few minutes then you can use an ultra-reversible (and incredibly moisturizing) sunscreen like the one from The Organic Pharmacy (and take the tube with you to the beach).


The ultimate
nourishing face cream

This luxuriously rich all-in-one super cream significantly improves firmness, elasticity, glow, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and brightness after just four weeks.1 Its unique whipped texture melts with the skin; With a single application, skin is deeply nourished, firmer, and hydrated for forty-eight hours.2 The clinically tested formula consists of a megadose of plant-based ceramides, squalane, and seven highly active botanicals – including schisandra fruit and Illipe butter and caviar lime – which synergize act to make the skin ultramoisturized, soft, supple, smooth, firm and even.


Powerful face oil

This luxurious active botanical face oil delivers results that will blow your mind. It has been clinically proven to help reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, improve skin firmness, smooth skin texture and shine, and soften, nourish and moisturize it. Made from nine powerful nutrient-rich oils (including retinol alternative bakuchiol, vitamin A-rich cacay, and organic amla, a vitamin C superfood), it’s a restorative daily treatment with real results: after four weeks of use, 100 percent of women showed one significant improvement in skin texture and 97 percent showed significant improvement in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. 3


The most convenient SPF 50

This moisturizing light SPF 50 cream smooths directly into the skin and is great for the face and body. Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide block both UVA and UVB rays, while shea butter, aloe, rose hip, and marigold nourish the skin.

1Based on an eight-week consumer experience and third-party clinical study conducted on thirty-three women, ages thirty-five to sixty-five.

2Based on an eight-week third-party consumer perception and clinical perception study conducted on thirty-three women, ages thirty-five to sixty-five.

3Based on an eight-week consumer experience and third-party clinical study conducted on thirty-three women, ages thirty-five to sixty-five.