Metropolis Block Builder, a 1950s Los Angeles administration sport, hits Steam Early Entry on September 22


Tentworks Interactive is proud to announce that its next multi-business management game, City block builder, is coming to Steam Early Access on September 22nd. To commemorate this milestone, Tentworks has released a new trailer showing how players can build the theater of their dreams.

City Block Builder is a combination of deep tycoon management games with large-scale city building elements. Set in Los Angeles in the 1950s, the game puts you in the shoes of a budding young entrepreneur determined to build his own business empire. Fresh from World War II victory, Los Angeles is the pop culture capital of the world. With the glitz and glamor of Hollywood, designer shops and the best cuisine money can buy, all under a canopy of blue skies, the City of Angels represents the “American Dream” in its most ideal form.

As the owner of multiple factories, it is up to you to make any decisions, big or small, about the running of your business. Choose which tiles, wallpaper and furniture you want to decorate with. Decide which films are planning your theater projects and when. Create your restaurant menu. Hire and fire staff. Nobody said building an empire would be easy!

City Block Builder It allows you to build all kinds of handicrafts from bowling alleys, jazz clubs, drive-in theaters, salons, and more. Manage every business down to the smallest detail, from layout to lighting, to ensure your entrance takes full advantage of pedestrian traffic in your vibrant neighborhood. Urban Block Builder encourages players to find creative solutions to complex problems. The Los Angeles entertainment center decor has never been so appealing!

Every detail of City Block Builder is brought to life in great detail through hand-drawn art that pays tribute to the incredible culture of the time. Movies, posters, comics and commercials capture the 1950s look with their bold technicolor palette, stylish clothing and thoughtful slogans. The foliage has also been extensively researched to be accurate in time and to change dynamically with the seasons.

While City Block Builder’s campaign mode takes you from misery to riches as you manage every micro and macro level monetary decision. There will also be a sandbox mode that gives you complete freedom to create the Los Angeles of your dreams without cutting the cost! Each decision you make will lead you down a different path that will give different results to different players.

“Tentworks is unique in that we are one of the only independent studios based in India,” said Jay Basani, CEO of Tentworks Interactive. “We wanted to play our game in Los Angeles in the 1950s because it’s a world famous stage. Plus, I’m just addicted to the 1950s and love the Hollywood aesthetic in its heyday. That’s why City Block Builder has been an exciting project for me for a long time. I’m excited that people can finally check out Steam Early Access, and I can’t wait to hear everyone’s feedback! “

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