Minnesota Bootcamps for Expertise and Entrepreneurship: The Final Information


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If you want to start your career in technology or entrepreneurship, you need two things first and foremost – determination and time. We know you are determined. Time, on the other hand, is a valuable resource that is often a little scarce.

For the time sick, technology and entrepreneurship bootcamps offer an opportunity to start your career in a time-sensitive (and often cost-sensitive) way. From coding to UX / UI to web development and much more, Minnesota’s wide range of boot camps gives you the skills you need to become a tech or entrepreneur pro.

Our ultimate guide to Minnesota Technology and Entrepreneurship Bootcamps gives you easy access to all of the learning and training opportunities available to you. Whether you’re interested in becoming a master programmer or a project management professional, this guide to Minnesota bootcamps will help you head in the right direction.

There is tons of information to be found in this ultimate guide to Minnesota Tech and Entrepreneurship Bootcamps, including:

  • Contact information for each Minnesota boot camp
  • Costs for certain courses
  • The types of training available for each Minnesota boot camp
  • Requirements for the courses
  • Certifications upon completion

And just like our other Ultimate Guides, the Ultimate Guide for Minnesota Technology and Entrepreneurship Bootcamps is updated regularly.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the bootcamp programs in Minnesota have switched to online programs. tech.mn will update the Ultimate Guide to Minnesota Bootcamps for Technology and Entrepreneurship as the situation changes.

Like all bright minds in the Minnesota tech and business community, Launch Minnesota is an important part of the ecosystem. We are proud to be working with the organization for this guide.

Start Minnesota

Launch Minnesota is a nationwide collaboration to accelerate startup growth and strengthen Minnesota as a national innovation leader.

Launch Minnesota was established by two parties during the 2019 legislature and is led by the Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) in Minnesota. It works with an advisory board, private sector stakeholders, support organizations, colleges, and innovative startups across the state.

Check out the highlights of the first six months of the organization and take a closer look at the organization here at tech.mn.

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