MLB Information: Zack Britton to have bone chips faraway from elbow


Andrew Mearns | Pinstripe Alley: The good news from Zack Britton’s MRI results was that he had no UCL damage and Tommy doesn’t need John. The bad news is that he still needs surgery to remove bone chips from his elbow. Britton won’t be available to return for at least a month, and the Yankees don’t have a precise schedule for his return.

Daniel Russell | DRays Bay: The Rays have narrowed down their new baseball plans to four suggestions. Daniel Russell has an overview of the team’s possible future homes, because who doesn’t like good baseball rendering?

Rob Mains | Baseball Prospectus $: Rob Mains continues his research on the Times Through the Order penalty. We knew that ordering jugs would do worse the third time, but this effect was underestimated because we included jugs that weren’t good enough to make it a second time.