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Studies show that full global gender equality would increase global GDP by as much as $ 28 trillion by 2025

The Nama Women Advancement Establishment has announced the launch of the inaugural edition of the Badiri Entrepreneurship Program (BEP) to enable emerging and established women entrepreneurs in the UAE to start, empower and expand their businesses.

The seven-month program, which starts in May, aims to improve economic opportunities for women in the UAE by taking a hands-on approach to building their knowledge and providing bespoke tools to use their skills to turn their ideas into successful ones To implement undertakings. BEP was developed in collaboration with the UAE Department of Commerce, local and international academic institutions and specialized local bodies.

The initiative was recently announced at a virtual press conference attended by Reem BinKaram, Director of Nama, and representatives of program partners, including the UAE Department of Commerce’s National Program for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Projects.

In her keynote address, she stated that global gender equality would add up to $ 28 trillion to global GDP by 2025. “Women-owned and owned companies make up more than 32 percent of SMEs worldwide. It is estimated that there are between 8 and 10 million companies in developing countries. These and many similar numbers are of no value if they do not lead to on-site solutions. When we look at these numbers, we see that women are required to participate more in the corporate sector. a call to support women entrepreneurs and encourage them to grow and grow their businesses. “

She also highlighted the UAE’s role model status in the region for promoting and investing in entrepreneurship among women. “There are 32,000 Emirati businesswomen running approximately $ 50 billion worth of businesses. The United Arab Emirates also top the World Bank’s Women, Business and Law 2021 report in the Middle East and North Africa, ”she added.

The UAE’s ratings in the World Bank report have jumped significantly due to groundbreaking legislative reforms implemented in recent years.

“Over the past few years we have focused on building new generations of women entrepreneurs in Sharjah and the United Arab Emirates,” said Dr. Mona Al Ali, Badiri Academy Manager. “All of our programs are also designed to create new job opportunities and play a critical role in supporting the Sharjah and UAE economies. BEP 2021’s comprehensive, academic, and integrated curriculum is designed to provide participants with strong business acumen, entrepreneurial skills, and a successful attitude. “

“To ensure the program achieves the desired goals, we partnered with leading local and global institutions,” she added. “These agreements are aimed at attracting the best experts to participate and guide program participants.”

UAE residents 21 and older who have a business idea they want to develop can participate in the program. You must have a secondary and / or university certificate and be able to speak and write English. Applicants must commit to the full program by taking online lessons and be available for face-to-face project visits. To register, the application form available on the Badiri website must be completed and submitted, along with a detailed description of the applicant’s business idea. After reviewing the applications, Badiri will conduct virtual interviews with shortlisted candidates. Registration is open from March 24th to April 24th, 2021. The program starts on May 14th.

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