Nationwide Inventors’ Day: Scholar innovation and entrepreneurship flourish at FSU


The Stratus is referred to as an “all-in-one intelligent multi-tool for electric guitarists” by the team at Chaos Audio and uses Bluetooth technology to turn a user’s phone into a control board.

Forgive Florida State University Junior Landon McCoy when he to forgetets Take time to celebrate National inventor Day on February 11th – – he’s busy Create.

McCoy and
his team from FSU classmates to have full calendar Thanks to tHereditary company Chaos Audio. For almost two years, The group worked angry to fine– –to doe their invention, a next generation guitar pedal they named the Stratus.

Landon McCoy is working on his junior year helping run Chaos Audio, a company he and his classmates started.Landon McCoy is working on his junior year helping run Chaos Audio, a company he and his classmates started.

W.while they blaze their own Way forward thatI am not alone in the state of Florida.

There are students throughout the FSU student body who can celebrate these inventors Day as Inventor himself. T.heritage Innovation and in theEnjoyty show Find students the support them have to turn a great idea into one viable Product here at FSU.

about campus, Students use the resources made available to them by FSU to create, develop, market and sell their own inventions.

McCoy, a junior Major in electrical engineering from Panama City Beachsaid the idea for that Stratus jumped up of him and his brother’s shared interest in the guitar Effects. S.there then that the interest etangled in chaos audio and the Stratus.

“FSU has played a huge role in our work,” said McCoy. “Let’s just start with the culture around us and we can choose from other students with so many different skills to all professors who help us to understand things so fully– –from industrial considerations to electronic theory. These factors are worth their weight. ”

Beside McCoy, Chaos audio includes Mechanical engineering majors Robert Copsey and Cameron Jones and Electrical engineering majors Armis Sunday and Tiffany Carter, along wit’s new Sam Lamb, graduate in computer engineering.

McCoy said that the development of Chaos Audio and Stratus has been quick and that the team has relied heavily on resources found at the FSU.

“We are confident that we will be shipping production units to consumers by the end of this year, and by then it will only have been two years we had the idea, ”he said. “It’s a pretty quick development, and without the FSU and the connections we made we wouldn’t have made it Here. ”

chaos Audio is one of eight finalists competing for prize money one of the most important competitions of the FSU for student inventors and entrepreneurs, the InNOLEvation Challenge hosted by the Jim Moran College of Entrepreneurship. You will compete for $ 30,000 in prizes, including $ 10,000 for the winner, at the finals in March. This is Money the gang at Chaos Audio said they are dying to help them achieve their goals.

Michael and Shirah Benarde on the set of ABC's Shark Tank where they landed a $ 60,000 deal.Michael and Shirah Benarde on the set of ABC’s Shark Tank where they landed a $ 60,000 deal.

For inspiration theY. Not need to look further than 2020 InNOLEvation Winner Michael Dire and its product, Night cap. Dire earned his bachelor’s degree in political science and is currently pursuing his MBA in the Co.lay of business. Night cap started in 2019 after this A friend of Benardes sister, Shirah, would have Your drink was put in a barShirah searched fight the problem.

From a prototype Shirah made of torn tights, the product of the siblings has evolved to it is electricity form, a stylish, elastic Cloth lid that resembles a hair that is crispy and fits cozy around the lid of a cocktail Glass.

Since last September Night cap has sales of $ 68,000, and its profile is growing steadily.

This increase came to a head February 5th Appearance on the ABC show Shark Tank where Dire onnd Shirah The product was successfully launched and received a bid of $ 60,000 from “Hai” Lori Greiner in return for a 25 percent stake in the company.

For Jonathan Feuers product VidaWake, he had to speak to experts from several colleges.For Jonathan Feuers product VidaWake, he had to speak to experts from several colleges.

Dire Numerous on-campus competitions have helped him improve his presentation skills and that faculty advice and access to on-campus resources such as textile testing played a crucial role in the fine– –Tuning Night cap.

“Another of the most important resources we found at FSU was the legal clinic and their help with our trademark,” he said. “The expertise was important, and I could get the stamp for $ 275 when they’re usually $ 2,000, That was huge. “

While Benardes and McCoy’s products are launchedingOthers at FSU are preparing for a similar course.

Jonathan Feuer did his Bachelor in Social Entrepreneurship and is currently working on one masters Degree in product development. To like Many college students said Feuer said he was having trouble getting up on time for early morning classes.

Against this background fire started VidaWake, a supplement that both helps with falling asleep and helps through a time-release processs an individual wake up at the desired time.

Fire used the campus social networks to interview other FSU members Students and Gongreat demand for his idea. As the numbers said “Yes,He got to work.

Fire has worked with scientists at the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering. who are Experts in pharmacological kinetics and chemical bioengineering – – Areas far beyond his expertise, but not out of reach at FSU. He said they were experts in medical entrepreneurship in particular vital, how he sharpens VidaWake.

In the course of his work, Feuer said the FSU turned out to be the perfect place to put his idea into action. His business model and packaging ideas are the next tasks to be tackled.

“We push on and persistent, “he said.” I would not have gonekill somewhere near where I am today without FSU. You made me believe it was possible. “