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This book is for corporate executives – executives, vice presidents, directors, plant managers, and all functions within an organization, from accounting to research and development.

For many leaders, finding and solving problems is a way of addressing issues such as deficiencies, delays, inefficiencies, and injuries. This is an important part of problem solving, to be sure. But in his new book “Welcome Problems, Find Success: Creating Toyota Cultures Around the World”, the author and former HR manager Kiyoshi Furuta proves that, according to the non-profit Lean Enterprise Institute (LEI), it is important work for all senior managers as well. .

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Furuta tells the inside story of his direct experience building problem-solving cultures in companies outside of Japan during a period of rapid globalization from the early 1980s to the last few days. The key to creating – and maintaining – Toyota’s much-lauded “lean” business system was for leaders at all levels to develop people to relentlessly identify and solve problems.

“This book is for corporate executives – officers, vice presidents, directors, plant managers, and all functions within an organization, from accounting to research and development,” writes Furuta, a former Toyota HR executive and CEO of Toyota Boshoku America Inc., a leading manufacturer of vehicle interior systems. “Since your problems are likely to be large and complex, you need to correlate the specific problems you find with the underlying causes of problems across your organization. To do this, you need to inspire everyone in your company to find problems. ”

Furuta reveals how he did just that at New United Motor Manufacturing Inc., Toyota’s California joint venture with General Motors, where he was the first Toyota employee on site and directly led the creation of the most revolutionary employment contract in history US auto industry.

# Kaizen turnaround strategy

Furuta was also the first Toyota on-site employee in Georgetown, Kentucky, at Toyota’s first full-fledged manufacturing facility outside of Japan. He also shares how, as Executive Vice President of Toyota Motor Engineering and Manufacturing Europe, he created a problem-solving culture to reverse money lost in the UK, France, Turkey, Poland and Belgium.

Furuta introduces readers to the mindsets of notable leaders in Toyota’s history, such as Taiichi Ohno, the chief architect of the Toyota Production System, Fujio Cho, founding president of the Georgetown plant, and Kenzo Tamai, the company’s human resources director in the 1980s.

About the book

  • “Welcome Problems, Finding Success: Creating Toyota Cultures Around the World” (Paperback)
  • Author: Kiyoshi “Nate” Furuta
  • Publisher: Lean Global Network and Productivity Press
  • ISBN-13: 9781032065922
  • ISBN-10: 1032065923
  • Release DATE: September 3, 2021
  • Pages: 190
  • List Price: $ 39.95
  • Website:

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