New Enterprise Administration Guide “Managing Technology Z” Provides Professional Recommendation on Getting the Most from the Subsequent Technology of Employees


The new business book “Managing Generation Z” offers supervisors, managers and executives competent advice on the training, retention and success of Generation Z, the newest age cohort in the workforce.

Fresno, CA, April 6, 2021 – ( – Gen Z, the age cohort born after 1996, is entering the workforce with a unique culture and way of working that can amaze Millennial, Gen X and Baby Boomer employees. Supervisors, managers and executives receive expert advice on training, retention and success of Gen Z employees from the new management book “Managing Generation Z: Recruiting, Integrating, Developing and Retaining the Latest Generation in the Workplace” (Quill) Driver Books, publication date April 6, 2021) by Robin Paggi and Kat Clowes.

Paggi, a veteran human resource manager, and Clowes, an education advisor who has worked with hundreds of Gen Z’ers, work together to provide employers with a practical, easy-to-understand guide to the new generation who are defining the future of work.

Based on Clowes’ in-depth knowledge of Gen Z habits and Paggi’s real-world experience of how intergenerational misunderstandings can cause costly human resource issues, Managing Generation Z offers managers at all levels a plan to get quality work from Gen Z employees to maintain while avoiding cultural clashes in the office.

“Managing Generation Z” is written in clear, easy-to-read language and organized for quick reference. It is the ideal guide to negotiating labor regulations and the sometimes ticklish cultural sensitivities of young workers.

Gen Z is highly skilled, exceptionally tech-savvy, eager to live up to expectations and be loyal to employers. However, many Gen Z employees have never been trained in the basics of professionalism, workplace communication, and the unwritten social rules that older generations instinctively expect.

Managing Generation Z shows managers how to bridge the communication styles between Gen Z and older colleagues, how to train Gen Z employees to make work goals clear, and how to evaluate and correct Gen Z employees so that they listen, accept , learn and improve learning.

“Managing Generation Z” offers competent advice on:

– Selection, recruitment and hiring of Gen Z employees.

– Creating a welcoming work environment for Gen Z employees.

– Training Gen Z employees to fit into your company culture, including training in professionalism, courtesy, dress code and communication.

– Fixed common Gen Z quirks including cell phone and social media overuse, lateness, and ghosting.

– Avoiding problems and addressing hot button issues related to race and gender bias.

In Managing Generation Z, Paggi and Clowes also provide up-to-date information on labor law, including topics such as sexual harassment guidelines in the #MeToo era, protections for gender-based non-binary workers, protections for workers’ medical privacy, religious and religious political Workplace discussions and more.

Paggi and Clowes emphasize that taking the time to train and develop Gen Z employees is not a thankless task, but a valuable learning experience for older managers and young employees. Managing Generation Z gives managers useful tips on creating an inclusive multi-generational workplace.

Like having a seasoned HR manager at your fingertips, “Managing Generation Z” is essential read for both frontline managers and C-level executives looking to get the most out of the latest generation in the workforce.

About the authors:
Robin Paggi is the training and development specialist at Worklogic HR, a personnel outsourcing company. She is also a certified professional coach and offers individual advice to supervisors and employees who need to improve their supervisory and communication skills. Kat Clowes is the founder and CEO of March Consulting, a company that assists students with the college application process and career path planning. She is the author of “Put College to Work: How To Use College To The Fullest, Discover Your Strengths And Find A Job You Love Before You Graduate.”

Book details:
Title: Managing Generation Z: How to Recruit, Integrate, Develop, and Keep the Latest Generation in the Workplace
Authors: Robin Paggi and Kat Clowes
Publisher: Quill Driver Books, a reprint from Linden Publishing
Release DATE: April 6, 2021
Price: $ 18.95
Category: Business Administration / Human Resources & Personnel Management
ISBN 978-1-61035-400-4
6 “x 9” paperback, 334 pages, index. Also available in e-book formats.

Available at bookstores, online booksellers, and Quill Driver Books (1-800-345-4447,