Nicolet Faculty Expands Tribal Enterprise Administration Program with $30,000 Grant


Nicolet College already offers many of its courses in online format.

This is part of what increased enrollment in the school during the pandemic while enrollment in many other colleges and universities declined.

Now the college is adding another program to its online list – the Tribal Business Management Certificate.

Nicolet’s Tribal Business Management Program is designed to meet the needs of people who work in tribal governments or in companies affiliated with a tribe.

It was the result of a collaboration between the college and the sovereign indigenous nations of northeast Wisconsin.

In the past, this program was entirely face-to-face, with classes offered in tribal communities.

Now the college plans to expand the reach of the program by offering online learning options.

It received a grant of US $ 30,000 for this.

“Online classes give students farther away from one of our tribal communities more access to these courses, but there are challenges in recreating the cohort experience and community connections we can make while teaching in a classroom in one of our tribal communities Says Laura Wind-Norton, Dean of University Transfer and Humanities at Nicolet College and the person who administers this scholarship.

Wind-Norton says the grant will give the college more resources to grow the program while better serving its indigenous students.

The program is expected to go online in autumn 2022.

Currently, about 12 percent of Nicolet’s students are racial or ethnic minorities.

This corresponds to about 5 percent of the total population in Nicolets district.