Normal Ideas of Entrepreneurship by a Younger Enterprise Sensation


This young talent believes that those who strive for the unusual will begin fruitful careers in their chosen industries.

We always hear from people who do something different and then make the headlines because of their unique work and passion for what they do. It takes courage to listen to the heart and make decisions that can lead to the highest areas of success in the industries you choose. Few have done this, and those who have shown the courage have pushed boundaries to carve out a unique niche for themselves. The younger brigade of our country is flying high above all branches of the economy and how. It is an unforgettable sight to witness the magic that they use their knowledge, passion and talents to spread in the vast and highly competitive business world. Koushik Sengupta’s name comes up high when discussing young guns that have amazed people with their incredible business skills and ingenuity.

He is at the helm of Mita Enterprises, which manufactures engines and spare parts for engines and transmissions for ships and fishing trawlers. This young man has shown that a talented spirit can spread its magic in other niches as well. Therefore, after his trip to Dubai, he gave everything as a photographer and flooded his Instagram with images that exude his intelligent and creative photographic skills.

Below, the boy shares some general business tips that he believes can help many other emerging entrepreneurs in the world.

• Keep it simple: Koushik Sengupta says that teenagers often have a habit of complicating things that are simply not needed. As new business owners, they must try to start small, narrow their focus and cut down on unnecessary features that can dilute their offerings and cost more money.
• Earn by building: Koushik Sengupta explains to the youth that it is sometimes important to continue their daily jobs so that they can keep earning while they are still building their businesses.
• Act like a sponge: It’s important to take in everything your family, friends, and experts have to say to you sometimes, says Koushik Sengupta. People also need to take notes to develop a detailed plan. The advisory power of seasoned business owners and experts is vital as they know firsthand how it works and how it doesn’t.

This MBA type from Calcutta has grown into a well-known businessman, photographer and content creator with around 75,000 followers on Instagram (@ nosleepteam24) by following the points above.

Published on March 26, 2021