Nursery Administration – September 2021


Cover story

Triple crown

Jon Reelhorn runs Belmont Nursery, a California nursery, greenhouse and garden center.

2021 // STATE OF THE SECTOR // Research

strength and endurance

This year marks another marathon-like season with many victories and dilemmas.

2021 // STATE OF THE SECTOR // Issues

More money matters

Growers are discussing how to deal with the pandemic windfall and what might come next.

2021 // STATE OF THE SECTOR // Production

The cost of doing business

Nurseries are adjusting to the realities of 2021 as input prices continue to rise.

2021 // INDUSTRY SITUATION // Demography

Breaking up a new demographics

2021 // INDUSTRY SITUATION // Economy

Recovery on the horizon

The economic outlook for 2022 is encouraging as productivity growth and GDP are expected to remain above pre-pandemic levels.


2022 perennial of the year

This prickly, sturdy, and reliable weed works well in many conditions with different plantings.

2021 // SITUATION OF THE INDUSTRY // Business administration

Survival strategies

CEOs and business people share methods that can help your company navigate the next recession.