OCP to Help Rural Youth Entrepreneurship in Central Morocco


Rabat – The Provincial Human Development Committee (CPDH) of Rehamna (Central Morocco) and the NGO “Act4Community”, which is affiliated to the Al Gantour site of the Moroccan phosphate giant OCP Group, signed a two-year partnership agreement on Wednesday to promote entrepreneurship among young people.

The MAD 4.8 million (US $ 538,000) partnership agreement is designed to support co-operatives, small businesses, sole proprietorships and encourage entrepreneurship.

The support is based on “building the capacity of local economic operators and supporting projects with added value and lasting socio-economic impact”.

The support is provided through the standardization of the programs of the National Initiative for Human Development (INDH) and the development strategy for local economic systems adopted by Act4Community, as well as the programs implemented by public and private institutional actors.

The beneficiaries will benefit from a “new generation of innovative projects to improve local economies and increase their competitiveness for better positioning in local, regional and national markets”.

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The Act4Community association aims to help the underserved community improve their wellbeing by helping establish projects that create lasting employment opportunities.

In the framework of several agreements signed with the provincial authorities, the OCP association has committed itself to improving the socio-economic infrastructure in Rehamna province.

Yesterday the association provided a MAD 2 million (US $ 223,838) fund to set up a mobile pediatric and gynecological medical department in the province. The mobile health facility offers high quality medical consultations for women and children. This allows doctors to adequately treat pregnant women, newborns, and children.

The “Act4Community location Al-Gantour” also contributed to the establishment of a cheese factory in Ouled Hassoun Al Hamri in the Rehamna province in February. The financial support made it possible to purchase equipment and build industrial plants.