On-line wine, beverage administration graduate program set for fall launch at The Culinary Institute of America


The Culinary Institute of America plans to launch an online master’s degree in wine and beverage management this fall.

Enrollment for the virtual version of its personal graduate beverage program and its online Masters course in grocery at the School of Graduate and Professional Studies has opened, the institution said Tuesday. The first grades of these two programs were completed in September.

The new program includes a 30 credit curriculum that includes three short stays in Napa and the Institute’s main campus in Hyde Park, New York. The online offering is designed to give candidates the flexibility to study on their own schedules, the organization said.

“Today’s beverage professionals need a foundation that goes beyond product knowledge,” said Cathy Jörin, senior director of the graduate school. “Solid business acumen, an understanding of sustainability and world cultures, and the ability to innovate are essential. By bringing this program online, we are making it more accessible and enabling them to develop these skills without keeping them updated Stand to put careers on hold. “

The coursework covers the beverage business from bottle to glass and covers topics such as the global wine, spirits, fermented and non-alcoholic beverage industries. entrepreneurial innovation; Marketing; and distribution.

Students must be at least 21 years old and have a bachelor’s degree. Apply here: www.ciachef.edu/wine-masters.

The School of Graduate and Professional Studies is also home to the Food Business School, which is based at the CIA on the Copia campus in Napa and offers online courses and intensive courses in personal innovation, as well as the ACAP (Accelerated Culinary Arts Program) certificate program which is intended for those who already have a bachelor’s degree.