Order Administration Plus empowers Indian SMB throughout COVID


Bangalore (Karnataka) [India]Jun 10 (ANI / NewsVoir): Order Management Plus is a Bangalore-based company, a single integrated platform for e-commerce branded inventory and inventory management, market integration, insight reporting and account management. Is provided.

Their online solution, Omplus, gives retailers everything they need to start, manage and grow their business online. This platform helps SMEs to optimize work processes and make the sales process more efficient.

They started with the idea of ​​contacting retailers to help them review end-to-end systems, mobilize and automate sales, and expand reach through the power of e-commerce and courier services.

Personal Connect Growing Rohit Kumar, his father (then some SMB accountants) spends his time and effort manually collecting large amounts of paperwork and organizing the data in logbooks, excel spreadsheets and tally. Witness. Even with the help of accountants, these companies struggled to run efficiently and struggled to grow.

Rohit set out to solve this problem. He later became an engineer with the goal of developing software solutions that automate the tedious task of optimizing backend business processes. This is an “Omplus” software solution that aims to streamline operations in order to save costs and increase sales, revenue and profits, while securing time and space for SMBs to grow and acquire new customers. Was created. This solution helps retailers build and launch their own ecommerce website in days instead of weeks, and doesn’t require any programming skills. This enables SMEs to sell their products online through multiple channels and to open up new markets.

Strengthening PeopleBrick and the Mortar Store bears the brunt of the current deadlock. Order Management Plus is growing stronger as a brand that helps digitize SMEs, optimize operations, reach new customers, support remote decisions and, most importantly, revitalize the Indian economy. In this way we are trying to change the way SMEs do business today.

Omplus is an easy to use tool that can be used by all traders, even if the user is not tech savvy or tech savvy. If you can use WhatsApp and understand the basics of smartphone usage, use the solution to build your own ecommerce website, launch it on a single dashboard, and reach your customers. You can start with direct delivery. There are many tools online to help your business grow, but few have the ability to understand the mindset of Indian traders like Order Management Plus. Omplus is the fastest and most efficient website builder for retailers, specially tailored for these audiences.

Employment Opportunities Highly skilled part-time consultants are hired after a thorough screening process to provide remote support to SMEs. This unique teleworking opportunity comes in handy when retirees and housewives struggle to find remote employment when they want to find a new job.

English is the primary means of communication between websites and brands with no language barriers, but business owner training support content is available in the local language. Language is not a barrier as the above consultants will help you do the same and remove as many barriers as possible to help digitize and grow SMEs.

The company, which can look back on a year of growth, was founded in March 2020. Originally, Order Management Plus created bespoke solutions for clients in the UK, Nepal and India and offered corporate solutions for businesses only. The two company models are priced differently and have successfully acquired 20 corporate customers in the past year. They supported several hospitality partners, supported businesses in Nepal and the UK and provided technology solutions for some of the largest manufacturers and distributors in the Indian FMCG market.

Their SaaS subscription model, Omplus, only went live two months ago, and the company has seen nearly 1,000 signups in that short time. Most of both corporate customers and new SMB subscribers are in the FMCG, retail, fashion, and mobile accessories sectors, but farmers and home entrepreneurs have recently signed up as well. Order Management Plus is a startup that supports other startups and has benefited SMEs that want to quickly digitize and initiate e-commerce transactions during a pandemic.

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