Panopto Launches the First Video Administration System within the Welsh Language


LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE) – Panopto, the leading provider of video management systems to the corporate and academic market, today announced the availability of Welsh localizations for all of its Windows and Mac applications, including Panopto Enterprise, Capture, Remote Recorder, Web Interface and its iPhone and Android mobile -Apps.

This update means that by integrating Panopto into the services, Welsh public authorities will be able to meet their obligation under the Welsh Languages ​​Act 1993 to treat Welsh and English equally. “We pride ourselves on being the first and only video management system vendor to help Welsh institutions deliver services to their customers and users in both English and their local language,” said Peter Ingle, Panopto’s Vice President of Sales EMEA.

Panopto already has a number of high profile Welsh institutional clients who have enabled the Welsh localization update, including Cardiff University. “We very much appreciate the recent announcement of the development of a Welsh voice interface for Panopto,” said Tony Lancaster, Digital Education Manager, Cardiff University. “Cardiff University’s strategic partnership with Panopto was key to realizing the specific linguistic and cultural context in Wales, which is fundamental to supporting the Welsh academic offering and bilingual student experience.”

In an ongoing mission to revolutionize the way companies and educational institutions share knowledge and information, Panopto remains committed to staying one step ahead of the industry standard and responding to the needs of its customers: “We are impressed with Panopto , since we started it as a service in the summer of 2020. It has proven to be an invaluable service as most of the teaching must take place remotely. Panopto’s capabilities and intuitive user interface have enabled us to provide our students with a world-class digital learning environment that is far superior to what we have ever offered, ”said Karen Perrins, manager of learning and teaching facilities at Swansea University.

Swansea University has also used Panopto in Welsh. “The Panopto team continues to be responsive to our requests and we are delighted that Swansea University can now offer all students the same unmatched learning experience with a Welsh and English interface,” said Perrins.

About Panopto

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