PC Report Occasions | Ranch Administration Consultants creating worthwhile productiveness


WHEATLAND – Ranch Management Consultants is a Platte County company that has only been operating for two years under the direction of Wheatland-based Dallas Mount. The business and concepts of a school for ranching profitability have been around for decades.
According to Mount, the company’s mission is to help farmers and ranchers improve their land, lives and profits.
“I’m the third owner of the company,” said Mount. “The company has been around since the mid-1980s. Two men from Africa came to the US who had somehow helped rethink ranching in that part of the world. When they came to the US, they said they had a lot to offer. “
Stan Parsons and Allan Savory were the two specialists and ecologists who started their company in 1984.
“These two men got together and worked in ranch counseling and teaching schools,” Mount said. “After a few years of working together, they both had great personalities and their relationship was split. Stan Parsons founded what is now Ranch Management Consultants. Allan Savory built up a holistic management that still exists today. “
Holistic management is about looking at land management and corporate governance from a holistic perspective. It goes through a planning process of goal setting and strategy meetings to best achieve those goals.
Mount has a bachelor’s degree in animal science and has spent a lot of time on mountain ranches and feedlots with yearling surgeries. He then worked at the University of Wyoming for 20 years, preparing to own his own business while developing business tools for ranchers.
“We’re about helping companies do well in any business, rather than pointing out the good and the bad,” said Mount. “We ask you what your business should look like and how you want to achieve it. The advantage for me of working in the feeding yard is that in a year you can see what it would cost a lifetime to be on ranches. Simply because you are looking at between 15 and 20,000 cattle per day. “
According to Mount, the company’s slogan is: “Raising cattle is not the same as raising cattle.”
“It’s like a carpenter building houses,” said Mount. “He may be really good at furnishing houses, but their business could fall apart. Someone on the ranch may be really good at raising calves and getting good prices for their calves, but their business is imploding. Being productive is not the same as being profitable. In agriculture, we have beaten that productivity drum forever and told people we need to lift more bushels, we need to get more weaning weights, but when we look at the information there is no link to productivity and profitability. “
The company sees a need to help ranches and farms strike a balance between productivity and profitability. With the principles taught at their ranch for for-profit schools across the country, RMC hopes to not only educate and help create stronger fiscally responsible ranches. But they also aim to create a lasting legacy on the ranch with healthy ranches for generations to come.
RMC’s personal purpose is to “create healthy lands, happy families, and profitable businesses. Your country. Your family. Your business.”
The schools that RMC establishes and promotes are seven-day schools and are taught by teachers who support successful ranch management and sound business principles.
Marilyn McKinley, who helps set up venues for the schools, says that registration for the school is usually online.
“We’re sending a prework package,” McKinley said. “What do you have to do before school? Then they show up and all the magic happens. Every situation is different. We have people who aren’t even into multi-generation ranchers farming. You may ask very different questions, but the bottom line is we’ll help you find the tools to be successful. “
The school also has an outrageous guarantee that if you enroll and go to school and you don’t find it beneficial, your tuition will be fully reimbursed.
For more information on the hundreds of schools that run each year, you can visit RMC on their website: https://ranchmanagement.com/ or contact directly: Ranch Management Consultants and Ranching For Profit School, 856 High Street, Wheatland, WY 82201. Phone: (307) 213-6010. E-mail: [email protected]