Photographs Present Scale Of Large Wildfires Ravaging Greece


Hundreds of forest fires in Greece have forced people to evacuate as the nation struggles to regain control of the natural disaster.

On the Greek island of Evia, which produces many staple foods such as olives, figs and honey, forest fires have forced residents and their animals onto ferries and into emergency shelters. “These last few days are among the toughest for our country in decades,” said Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis. “We are dealing with a natural disaster of unprecedented proportions.” The causes of the fires have yet to be determined, although they are inextricably linked to human-made climate change. According to NASA, the planet has already warmed 2.1 degrees since 1880, exacerbating the frequency and magnitude of natural disasters. The forest fire season is getting longer. And heat waves get hotter, happen more frequently, and last longer.

These photos show the courage of the people struggling to put out the flames and the plight of the evacuees who carry personal belongings and injured or burned animals.