Pillar School Now Providing an MBA in Social Sector Administration


Newark-based Pillar College has been approved to offer an MBA in Social Sector Management. This 39 credit program is slated to begin in spring 2022 and run online. All semesters last eight weeks and students have the opportunity to take 2 courses per semester.

This is the third graduate program Pillar College offers and the only MBA in Social Sector Management in the country. Dr. Rosette Adera, Chair of the Department of Business Administration & Management, stated that prior to developing this program, a brief survey found that students were more interested in specialized service-oriented MBAs and that many other schools were turning away from more general MBAs that included these new ones Make the course attractive. This Social Sector Management program also fits well with an established pipeline of students seeking bachelor’s degrees in business administration, organizational leadership, biblical studies and psychology and counseling.

Jobs in hospitals and other nonprofit professions are increasing, according to statistics from the National Bureau of Labor. Natural disasters like the Haiti earthquake and global pandemics like COVID-19 have increased the need for appropriately trained professionals who can work in the social field.

“The globalization of markets, the complexity of social problems and the urgent need for cooperation for an international presence have highlighted weaknesses and leadership needs in social services and organizations that an MBA in Social Sector Management will address,” said Dr. Adera, who developed the program.

This program is aimed at those seeking careers as social entrepreneurs, humanists, church leaders, pastoral workers, social agency managers, health care providers, religious organizations, hotel professionals, emergency and disaster relief workers, and international organizations that provide a range of human services to those in need. “The MBA program in Social Sector Management will produce graduates willing to lead in high-performing workforce teams in interculturally diverse environments,” said Dr. Adera.

There are five objectives of the program that are geared towards skills development. The five competencies are: Service Leadership & Business Management, Interpersonal Communication, Technology Competence, Strategic & Tactical Decision-Making and Innovation & Change Management.

Dr. Adera said there was excitement about the new program and she was looking forward to the courses starting in January 2022. “We are excited about the various organizations that have partnered with us. We are also happy about the lecturers who acted as mentors for the students. We are also working on a number of stakeholders and partners who will network to provide participants and graduates with a unique benefit in building careers in the social sector. “

For more information on the MBA in Social Sector Management, please contact Dr. Rosette Adera at [email protected] or visit the website at www.pillar.edu/socialsector

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