Potential Lack of $220M In Bitcoin Exhibits Significance of Utilizing Kanguru Distant Administration & Password Reset


MILLIS, Mass .– (BUSINESS WIRE) – A harsh reality met Stefan Thomas from San Francisco, a programmer who kept the private keys for his digital wallet on a competitor’s hardware-encrypted USB drive. Storing such important data on a password-protected, secure USB drive is a good idea. However, Stefan forgot his password and only made two attempts before the drive locks his data forever. Hardware-encrypted USB data storage offers the strongest protection against unauthorized access and physical manipulation, especially against data stored on a FIPS 140-2 certified USB drive. Unfortunately, his forgotten password stands in the way between him and his $ 220 million fortune in Bitcoin.

Kanguru recognizes how damaging it can be when critical data is inaccessible and unrecoverable due to a forgotten password. Kanguru strongly recommends two secure password recovery methods for its Defender® hardware encrypted USB drives: Self-Service Password Management and Kanguru Remote Management.

For less than ten dollars a year, Kanguru offers a subscription to Self Service Password Management ™ (SSPM ™), a secure self-service password recovery option that allows encrypted USB users to reset their passwords on Defender® encrypted drives can if you forget your password. This service offers great security. Even if the user forgets the password, the information can be safely recovered. $ 6.95 a year would have been a small price to pay for Stefan to win back his $ 220 million fortune.

Even better, Stefan could have purchased the Kanguru Remote Management Console ™ (KRMC ™) for just $ 14.95 a year, which enables businesses and consumers to remotely manage their secure USB drives anywhere in the world. KRMC is a robust remote management service for IT managers, security officers or even consumers that they use to manage all of their secure USB drives, reset passwords, locate lost / stolen drives, restrict use in specific domains, set security policies and much more. KRMC also includes SSPM so administrators can leave it to the individual user to safely reset the reset when needed.

Learn more about Kanguru Defender Hardware Encrypted Drives, KRMC ™ or SSPM ™.

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