Pratt Institute | Information | In Pratt’s New Entrepreneurship Minor, College students Be taught Enterprise Abilities to Thrive in Artistic Fields


Posted on Thursday, Jan 21, 2021

Pratt Institute The new interdisciplinary minor in Entrepreneurship prepares artists and designers with entrepreneurial thinking, business acumen and essential skills to embark on their own creative ventures. Starting this spring, the minor will provide students with business and management skills to promote them for their careers or the development of their future business.

Preparing Pratt students for these much-needed entrepreneurial skills as creative professionals – especially in today’s complex economic environment where market and financial experience is important – was the impetus for the new program.

“The new minor provides all students, regardless of their major, with the business and management knowledge they need to be successful in their careers,” said Audrey Schultz, Coordinator and Professor of Construction / Building Management and Real Estate Practice for the minor. “Graduates enrolling in this minor are well equipped to succeed in a number of career paths, including running their own practice, starting a new business, and contributing to an existing business.”

The minor is available to all Pratt students after completing their first year and requires 15 credit hours. Students learn how to start promising projects, how to financially manage your business, how to work with different people and ideas, and how to be an ethical and mindful leader. You will also do your training in an internship and have the opportunity to develop concepts and exchange ideas with professional entrepreneurs.

As a national foundation of the arts In March 2020, it was reported that the arts and culture sectors remained an important area of ​​economic vitality: between 2015 and 2017, it grew more than twice as fast as the entire US economy, driven by the expansion of areas such as art construction and publishing . Especially in times of uncertainty, it is of crucial importance to gain insight into the economic possibilities of the arts and to maintain creative practices.

The minor builds on Pratt’s continued commitment to nurturing the entrepreneurial skills that help students advance into the professional world, with both established and new classes entering the program. Whether a designer creating a brand, an architect proposing a project, an art intermediary joining a nonprofit, or a painter selling his work, understanding the business can give creatives the opportunity to turn their passions into blooming Transform careers.