Prep soccer additional: Q&A with Milford/Cissna Park’s Trey Totheroh | Sports activities


What was it like playing 8-man for three seasons?

“It wasn’t such a difficult transition for me and my class because we only played one year with 11 players. It probably took all summer (from 2018) to get everyone used to it just because you’re not used to the missing guys and the pace. … It was definitely scary going into your sophomore year without knowing if you will have a soccer team. “

How was this season for you?

“It was crazy. After we didn’t know in the fall – we thought we were going to have a season and then that gets canceled and withdrawn – and then got out of basketball, the school did a really good job with the coaches working together and making sure of that have that everyone was ready together. “

What did it mean to get the quarterback starting job after winning the 2018 title and making the final appearance in 2019?

“(Jared) Schunke was here in my sophomore year and Penn Stoller was here last year and that’s two all-state quarterbacks. I think what helped me the most was learning from these guys. … Just being a leader on the team was probably the greatest. Just make the boys believe in me “

You threw five TDs in last weekend’s win against Flanagan-Cornell / Woodland. What was the key to this success?

“We had the confidence. … (Justin) Tillman had three touchdowns last week and that was his first university start. You don’t really have to worry about throwing yourself at a man. You just take what the defense gives you. “

Milford also beat Cissna Park in baseball this football season.

“We had two hours of soccer and then a baseball game. These guys are fun to play against, although at the same time it’s an uncomfortable feeling because you have to see them the next day so you can’t talk too much rubbish. “

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