Prime Thought Picks For March: KRChoksey


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High Conviction Stocks Idea Attribute –

Company: 1. Solid, resilient business; 2. Consistently strong finances; 3. high growth potential; and 4. high return on investment

Industry: 1. Market leader, strong brand value; 2. high growth opportunities; 3. Strong barriers to entry

Management: 1. visionary leadership; 2. strong and effective management; and 3. high corporate access, including promoters and CXOs.

Top Stock Picks –

We assume that Housing Development Finance Corporation Ltd. will benefit from the growing demand for home loans in price competition. The range and the cost advantage are good. It remains a major beneficiary in the home loan market, which is currently undergoing a structural shift in demand. It is also a player that is well placed in the highly competitive market with high prices.

Click the attachment for the full list of KRChoksey’s stock picks for March 2021:

KRChoksey InvestPro Top Idea Selection March 2021 .pdf

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