Product Assessment of Aveon Faculty Administration Software program


This college management software offers bespoke modules including a college management system, a hostel management system, an event management system, web design, web hosting and e-commerce.


What users love about the app

“It’s a well-built site / app that is well designed for teaching purposes. Do you have many intuitive tools (quizzes, presentations, evaluations, etc.)? “

“The teacher owl price is very good for a small business like mine to help my students get interested without a hitch.”

“This is a fun way for my children to review updated information in a fun way. You love white labeling, the unlimited exams separated from the course material. Everyone in our organization is satisfied with Easy LMS. “

“Their prices are way below those of others I’ve seen in the industry, and the quality of their platform has been great so far. So far, the most important and very useful thing for our work has been the opportunity to get information from the students before exams. “

“You really have to praise your support team; They not only advised me on how to use the platform, but also helped me with suggestions for my own business. I can unreservedly recommend your online training platform. “

What users don’t like about the app

“The price could be a little lower. It’s a shame that custom CSS isn’t available in the lower version of the software. They just like the course building page. It should be more intuitive (like PowerPoint). “

“The pricing for more features seems to be aimed at bigger companies with bigger budgets. This is the only downside we are currently using. The only thing you can list as a minimum is their standard reporting for test results. “

“Problems tracking the software in local time zones. Courses cannot be stored in separate files for different subject categories. “

“The language used – it’s confusing. It was developed for designers trained in handling technical back office roles – not your joe soaps. who have no idea about technology. What you don’t like about LMS is that it doesn’t sync well with Mindbody. “

“Also, when you downloaded the program, you received a warning that my computer was downloading a potentially harmful file, which sketched me out a bit.”