Pulsair IBC Tote Commercial Mixing Machines

Pulsair IBC Tote Commercial Mixing Machines

IBC Tote Even Mix make it easier to mix liquids. They’re lightweight and can be installed by a single person. They can be used to mix heavy and light liquids. This mixer can be used with both plastic-lined IBCs and stainless steel container lugs. Pulsair offers a range of IBC mixers that can be used in totes.

Pulsair IBC Tote Commercial Mixing Machines

The Pulsair 10-55 Tote-Stick is one of the most popular models of IBC tote mixers. It weighs 6 pounds and includes an forklift. It comes with an agitator shaft that is large and an elongated propeller with four blades. Variable speed control is offered. It can be used in conjunction with a 275- or 330-gallon IBC. This mixer is easy to set up using an insignificant hole.

Mixquip’s IBC Tote Mixers have many advantages over other mixers. They are also lightweight and easy to install they also have modular design that makes them compatible with every brand of IBC tote tanks. They are easy to set up and take down. If you’re mixing liquid chemicals or food ingredients the mixer is ideal for the job.

The stainless-steel bridge that is lightweight for the IBC Tote Mixers attaches securely to your IBC frame. It features quick-action toggle clamps that allow lifting and comes with lifting strap and forklift brackets. The mixers have a factory-tested safety interlock switch and overload protection. They also come with a flow control valve and the muffler is designed to be safe.

Pulsair IBC Tote Mixers powered by air, are an effective solution for mixing low-viscosity liquids inside IBC totes. These mixers are ideal for mixing liquids in polyethylene, stainless steel and plastic-lined totes. The mixers’ statflo(tm) unique design, ensures that you get the best mixing results. They are perfect for food and beverage processing.

Pulsair IBC Tote Mixers offer a powerful, affordable alternative to traditional mixing methods. They are pneumatically and air powered and are able to mix solids and liquids with great precision. Pulsair IBC Tote Mixers can also be employed in many industries, including chemical manufacturing and water treatment.

IBC tanks can hold up to 1,000 litres of semi-solid or liquid materials. The majority of them are constructed from high-density polyethylene. Their tanks are wrapped in a 600-1,000 litre aluminium grid box. The top has a hole to accommodate the agitator. The agitator is fixed to an aluminum plate or a support with a variable width made of Galvanized Carbon Steel. The support can be lifted using a motorized forklift.

US Mixers offers a variety of sizes and models. The mixers are available with three- or single-phase motors, as well as variable-speed controls. These IBC mixers can be used to mix liquids in a variety of conditions. They are equipped with an exhaust muffler, as well as a flow control valve.