Purposes open for campus entrepreneurship program | Announce


Teams from across the campus took part in the Campus Customer Discovery program in spring 2021. The autumn program for 2021 starts on September 8th.

Join Nebraska’s faculties, staff, and students on a fall semester program to learn strategies for connecting research innovation with market applications. The program begins on September 8th and participants can register individually or in teams of up to five people until September 3rd.

Find out more and apply: https://go.unl.edu/fall-21-icd

The credit-free program is based on the National Science Foundation’s Innovation Corps, which helps researchers develop value proposition and customer segmentation. After identifying and interviewing potential customers, researchers use feedback to make decisions about a startup or technology commercialization.

The program includes four evening sessions, held via Zoom or possibly a hybrid model, led by a team of campus teachers and an NSF National I-Corps teacher. It also includes consultation hours with lecturers between sessions.

Space in the program is limited. Applications will be reviewed and successful applicants will be notified a few days in advance that they will be accepted into the program.

Funding organizations include NUtech Ventures, Invest Nebraska, the Combine Incubator, and the National Strategic Research Institute.

To learn more about the participants’ experiences in the program, visit the NUtech Ventures Q&A page: https://www.nutechventures.org/nebraska-introduction-to-customer-discovery/

More details at: https://go.unl.edu/fall-21-icd