Radiology Enterprise Administration Affiliation admits it’s lacking the mark on variety


The Radiology Business Management Association admitted on Monday that the 52-year-old retail group is missing out on diversity and wanting to change the way it works.

Because of this, the organization is launching a new Diversity, Justice and Inclusion Task Force charged with analyzing the current state of RBMA, collecting data, and determining how it can be made more inclusive.

“Our membership and leadership do not reflect the diversity of the populations we serve, and we are responsible for it,” the Fairfax, Virginia-based trade group said in an email to members Thursday. “We recognize that different perspectives are essential to driving innovation and solving the complex problems facing the radiology industry,” she later added.

The RBMA hopes to come up with an actionable plan to promote diversity once membership is in place, stressing that this will not be done through a single program or initiative.

“It won’t happen overnight, but we commit to both immediate and long-term action for a more diverse, just and inclusive community,” the June 24 message concluded.