Rajasthan guv stresses want for education-entrepreneurship hyperlink


Rajasthan Governor Kalraj Mishra on Wednesday expressed the need to combine education with entrepreneurship and technology, saying it is necessary to make students aware of practical aspects of studying.

At a videoconferencing convocation ceremony at Poornima University, the governor urged educational institutions, especially universities, to encourage entrepreneurship among students by creating a cheap model.

He said universities should not only limit their role to teaching, but also guide the youth and prepare them to be partners in the advancement of society and the nation, a press release said.

The governor also said the new education policy is mainly focused on the overall development of the student.

The chairman of the university, Shashikant Singhi, attended the virtual ceremony, among other things. ISRO Chairman K Sivan, E Sreedharan, popularly known as Metro Man, and others were awarded the honorary doctorate during the virtual event.

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