Registration underway for brand spanking new courses in entrepreneurship and small enterprise administration | Information


Kilgore College is offering two new courses, Entrepreneurship and Economic Development (BUSG 1307) and Small Business Management (BUSG 2309).

These two courses are for students seeking business-related degrees and certificates at KC.

The two new courses are part of two certificate courses (Culinary and Business Administration) and two Associate of Applied Science courses (Culinary and Business Administration, Entrepreneurship and Real Estate).

KC reserves multiple spots on each course for community members that can be completed as a Continuing Education (CE) course rather than college credit.

The only difference is that CE students get a certificate of course completion, and the students who take a loan get college credits that are accepted at KC and many other colleges and universities in Texas.

For more information, contact Will Massey at (903) 236-2032 or [email protected].

About the courses:

Entrepreneurship and Economic Development (BUSG 1307) introduces the student to modern day innovation and entrepreneurship and the implications within and between the political, economic and social sectors or household sectors that make up our nation. From 1776 to the present day, this course features history, theory, and both the art and science related to the practice of entrepreneurship that is the driving force behind the progress and growth of our nation. The student will understand how to fit into a world dominated today by innovation, intellectual property and entrepreneurship.

Small Business Management (BUSG 2309) guides the student through the steps necessary to start and start a new for profit or not for profit business in the state of Texas. The student actually creates a realistic marketing plan for a new and real product or company. It is a professional marketing plan used in attracting investment for a new or existing for-profit business, or to promote a gift for a new or existing Texas-based nonprofit company.