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BARRINGTON, Illinois, June 23, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Unexplored learning, a national non-profit dedicated to helping students develop resilience and problem-solving skills through entrepreneurship, published today a report that explores the link between youth enterprise programs, targeted learning, empowered students and committed educators.

“Learning with a Purpose: Student Agency and the Joy of Teaching and Learning” examines how entrepreneurship education prepares students to look inside themselves for motivation to learn, solve problems in their communities, and persevere in the face of failure. Through interviews with teachers on Uncharted Learning’s INCubatoredu program, the report highlights the magic that occurs when a student’s passion meets opportunity for action.

“This report highlights the importance of programs that empower our students and prepare them for the inevitable challenges of the future,” said Margarita Geleske, Chief Evangelist for Uncharted Learning. “There is evidence that students enrolled in entrepreneurship and start-up programs prior to COVID-19 were better prepared for the uncertainty and rapid change. The ability to succeed in the midst of such challenges will pay off for them in the adult world. “

“Learning with a Purpose” also takes a look at the role of entrepreneurship programs in re-inspiring pedagogues who are tired of pandemics. It reveals educator stories about how the program creates more resilient, adaptable students, and how watching the student council in action gives teachers cause for celebration at a challenging time in their careers.

“(Students) feel like they are in control. They feel like they have a purpose, as if this is more than just giving a worksheet,” said Valerie Cooper, the INCubatoredu courses at the Lewisville Independent School District in. informed Lewisville, Texas. “Every day there is accountability. My students become more comfortable with ambiguity. They will feel comfortable and begin to take the initiative.”

During the INCubatoredu courses, students create and develop their own product or service, often solving a problem that they have identified themselves. It ends with the students presenting their ideas to potential investors. The aim is to provide students with practical experience and at the same time equip them with skills such as adaptability, resilience and creative thinking.

But when Dr. Johnnie Thomas, Suburban superintendent of Rich Township High School District 227 Chicago, writes in the foreword: “(T) there is something else at play here with programs like INCubatoredu, something with even greater potential to help our students in the long term. It turns students into active participants in their own future. They don’t see that learning and life are things that are done to them, but things that they can shape. “

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Unexplored learning is a non-profit organization with a mission to empower students for life by equipping them with practical skills. The company helps them discover their passions, strengthen their skills and shape their own future. Its programs deliver authentic, rigorous entrepreneurship experiences to students in 250 schools across the United States Australia. Since 2013, Uncharted Learning’s one-year INCubatoredu program has been preparing students to thrive in a changing global economy.

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