Sezgin Mangjuka Shares 5 Golden Guidelines Of Entrepreneurship


Everything in life has its own rules and procedures. It really doesn’t matter if a person runs a small business or a large business, has venture capital, or is using their own savings. The fact is that rules are rules and still apply. In this post we will study roughly the same thing.

Starting a business is every person’s dream, but do you know what a new entrepreneur realizes after starting a business? There are no outlines that guarantee business prosperity! Every entrepreneur today has to make an effort to improve their brand in this highly competitive market.

Having confidence, passion, and great thoughts is just the beginning. Another phase is to conduct a SWOT analysis to identify likely threats that could affect the business and find an approach to overcoming such obstacles.

Kosovo-based digital expert Sezgin Mangjuka started his own journey and co-founded Millennial PR and Digital, a 170-degree digital company. With more than 500 customers worldwide, the entrepreneur sets standards in the world of digital marketing. Below are some golden rules of entrepreneurship that are shared by Sezgin Mangjuka and that every entrepreneur must follow.

Find out your competition

The biggest mistake the majority of new business owners make is neglecting their biggest competitors. Your company needs to focus fully to achieve the height of success. Not knowing the competition can affect your company’s productivity in the long run.

Before you begin, focus on who your opponents are and assess their strengths and weaknesses. Use your competitor’s strengths as a learning reference as this is a well known trade secret that can be used to enhance your business growth.

Try to create an opportunity

This applies not only to entrepreneurship, but also to being proactive. It undoubtedly makes a huge difference. Instead of waiting for a chance to get to your doorstep, it’s better to create one yourself.

In short, entrepreneurs who work in any field must take the “can do” approach. Wondering why? Because it can solve half the problems entrepreneurs have in running the business!

When a business owner is proactive, people who actually interact with them respond in the same way, which makes things smoother. In reality, even the person who actually works for you doesn’t show much curiosity in your work if you don’t get the chance to be a relaxed person.

Ask experts for help and guidance

You may have heard this several times. However, effective communication is undoubtedly the most important key skill, which is also one of the golden rules of entrepreneurship. When a person starts their business and needs support, the ideal solution is to turn to an expert who has years of experience and knowledge in the same field.

This will resolve their concerns and questions and help entrepreneurs achieve a perspective that every entrepreneur needs to think about.