Shasta Administration to open hashish campus in Heber | Enterprise


LIFTER – California development company Shasta Management announced in a press release that it will open a new cannabis campus along Yourman Road at the intersection of Highway 111 and Heber Road in the summer of 2021.

Shasta Management previously acquired a long-term lease for 100 acres of mixed-use space in Imperial County to build a massive cannabis campus, which Shasta says will include a 9,000-square-foot retail center and 2,000-square-foot retail pharmacy.

The center will also include a 5,000-square-foot adult-only lounge with a high-end glass shop, vibe centers, and lounge areas with 85-inch televisions and game stations. Tim Wright, CEO of Shasta Management, said the first phase of the opening will include two retail stores, the Shasta-owned Queen of Dragons and The Other Guys, and eventually a restaurant.

“You can come in and try pre-rolls and try, you can come in and try the concentrates, we will always have an educational experience,” Wright said of the upcoming cannabis campus.

Wright modeled the cannabis campus project from the wine tasting industry and said that he envisions it becoming a new destination in the Imperial Valley.

“When you have a merger of wineries and tasting rooms, you have traffic, you have volume, there is an experience,” he said. “Because we have a lot of activities and experiences, there is one destination in this location that we think is goal-oriented,” Wright said.

Wright said he previously purchased 176 acres from the town of Shasta Lake for its original campus near the first Queen of Dragons store. Wright praised a staff advisor, former Santa Ana Mayor and Shasta Management Team member, Miguel Pulido, for choosing Imperial County as the location for the next cannabis campus.

“We’re very confident that our proximity to (Highway) 111 … with the numbers we see at the AMPM anchoring the corner of the building, I think they see 700-1,000 people a day and then we love the fact that there are one and a half million people next door in Mexicali and about 300,000 of them come to California every day to work, ”Wright said.

Shasta Development said they worked with Imperial County to change the existing tax structure and make it more competitive for cannabis operators. Shasta also worked with the Imperial Irrigation District to install meters and transformers and increase the water intake capacity, and received an order from the Heber Public Utility District to gain access to water.

Wright said the Imperial County’s ward and board of directors have been very supportive, hospitable, and thankful for their location with the County of Imperial and the City of Heber.

“We’re so excited to come down and be members of this community, be part of this community and do everything in our power to show what great neighbors we are when it comes to cannabis operators,” Wright said.