Shelton Vineyards Implements Ekos Vineyard Administration Software program


Ekos helps wineries track inventory, winemaking and sales data in a single system

DOBSON, NC (March 22, 2021) – Shelton Vineyards, a family-run winery that produces 20,000 crates annually, recently implemented Ekos to manage all aspects of the business from wine production to inventory management to retail, online and restaurant sales. Ekos provides comprehensive winery management software that enables winemakers and business owners to streamline processes, save time and gain valuable insights.

“Ekos fills a niche that does not currently exist in the wine industry by delivering excellent winemaking software combined with business management software,” said Mandy Shelton Houser, Co-President, Shelton Vineyards. “A single system that manages all aspects of our business, including winery production, retail sales, web sales, and restaurant sales, will have a huge impact on our business and make us more efficient.”

Ekos works with family wineries to provide features that make running a business easier. The functions of the software include:

  • Systems for tracking the inventory of raw materials through cardboard goods
  • Pre-completed winery operation report to streamline tax reporting
  • Integration with accounting software (QuickBooks and Xero) and POS / e-commerce systems, including Commerce7 and Square
  • Over 150 reports for real-time insights into business operations

“We decided to work with Ekos to integrate the different business areas. For many moving parts, software to store our data from grapes to glass was the desired result, ”said Ethan Brown, winemaker at Shelton Vineyards. “We’ll be using Ekos to take control of our winemaking and see the nuts and bolts of every step in the winemaking process and better manage and control our inventory.”

The use of technology is vital for winemakers who want to keep pace with the demands of a business in today’s digital world and keep increasing sales year after year. A 2020 winery survey conducted by Ekos found that wineries that use inventory and production management software are 23% more likely to expect sales to grow in the next 12 months.

“As Ekos works with manufacturers around the world, we appreciate the opportunity to work with companies in our own garden like the team at Shelton Vineyards,” said Josh McKinney, Ekos CEO. “The Shelton team has embraced our software and best practices and provided us with valuable feedback that will help us improve our product for the future.”

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About Ekos

Ekos was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Charlotte, NC. The company is the leading business management software for craft beer, wine and cider manufacturers. With more than 15,000 users on six continents, Ekos helps manufacturers manage their day-to-day operations in inventory, production, sales and accounting. As a central digital hub, Ekos delivers valuable insights, increases efficiency and profitability, and eliminates the need for spreadsheets and manual records. Ekos is supported by Noro-Moseley Partners. To learn more, visit