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CADIZ – Harrison County Sheriff’s Department is hoping voters will approve a replacement police levy that will appear on the November 2nd ballot.

Sheriff Ronald “Joe” Myers said that “Updated” The 1 million surcharge replaces the surcharge that has existed for more than 20 years. He presented the replacement levy to Commissioners Don Bethel, Paul Coffland and Dale Norris during Wednesday’s meeting.

Myers said the levy was necessary to provide police protection to the county. It is used to pay salaries and provide, upgrade, and maintain equipment in the sheriff’s office.

If approved, the levy will take effect in 2023 and will remain in effect for five years. He affirmed that the levy is not a new tax. It will only be based on current property valuations and thus generate additional income.

“It’s the same levy we’ve had for 25-30 years.” he said.

Bethel asked how the donation has been supported over the past few years. Myers said the department had received “overwhelming” Church support in the past.

“People see us on the go and appreciate what we do.” he added.

The commissioners unanimously approved the resolution allowing the levy to appear on the upcoming vote.

Myers then gave an update on a black bear sighting in the county. He said local residents spotted a bear in Hopedale on Monday and Tuesday.

“The bear moved from (Ohio) 151 on Monday and is now in Hopedale (on Tuesday)” he said.

Although local residents reported sightings earlier this week, there were no further reports as of Wednesday. Myers said he hoped the bear found its way back into the woods.

Myers also announced that the Scio Street Fair will be held August 19-21. He said the parade route has changed this year and will begin on Ohio 646 near New Rumley. He said the bands will be set up near Custer’s Monument.

In other matters, District Engineer Doug Bachman opened offers for two bridge replacement projects – one at 13 Harrison County and 265 Athens Township Road. The first project received an offer from US Bridge of Cambridge for $ 277,029. The second project also received just one offer from US Bridge for $ 164,727.

Bachman recommended that the bids be submitted for further review. He added that both commandments were “correct” to his original estimates.

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