Singareni Collieries shines in April regardless of Covid disruptions


Singareni Collieries Company Limited achieved significant growth in coal production, shipping and overburden removal in April of this year despite disruptions due to the Covid pandemic.

In April 2021, the state-owned mining company transported 54.43 lakh tons of coal, up 79.11 percent from 30.4 lakh tons in April last year, and coal production was 48.56 lakh tons, an increase of 61.9 Percent compared to 30 lakh corresponds to tons in April last year.

The Singareni collieries have set a target of 70 million tonnes of coal transport for the 2022 financial year

Similarly, it managed to remove 347 lakh cubic meters of overburden in April this year, compared to 272.2 lakh cubic meters in April last year, which corresponds to a growth of 27.5 percent.

Compared to the sale of coal of 1,201 crore in April last year, sales of 1,693 crore were achieved this year, which corresponds to a growth of 41 percent.

Singareni Collieries proposes to add 14 new mines

Praise to the workers

N. Sridhar, chairman and general manager of SCCL, congratulated workers on performing well despite difficult times due to disruption from Covid and said the mining company managed to meet demand for coal as demand for power plants increased in the country.

“We made sure that there was no coal shortage for the state power generation companies. Approx. 1.80 lakh tons of coal were transported per day and an average of 31 rail rakes were moved per day. A total of 940 railroad rakes were transported with coal last month, ”he said.

Sridhar said the Colliers had a target of 1.90 lakh tons of coal per day and 13.5 lakh cubic meters of waste material removal per day.

With regard to the Singareni thermal power plant, he said it had managed to achieve a system load factor (PLF) of 98.53 percent and generate 822.94 million units of electricity. In April, 777.21 million units of the total production were delivered for the needs of the state.

In April, Singareni solar power plants generated 46.95 megawatts of electricity. The mining company expects the 300-megawatt solar power generation capacity to be commissioned and synchronized by October this year.