SLIM Unveils, AGRI SAVIYA – Sri Lanka’s First Agri enterprise administration and entrepreneurial programme – Adaderana Biz English


The Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM) recently unveiled Sri Lanka’s first agri-entrepreneurship program, transforming today’s farmers into tomorrow’s agripreneurs. This is a revolutionary step in strengthening the Sri Lankan economy and building a 21st century agricultural mindset.

For the first time in Sri Lanka six cooperation partners; The Agripreneurs Forum, the Federation of Local Authorities of Sri Lanka, the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, the Smallholder Partnership Program and the Export Development Board have partnered with SLIM to build an elementary force to fill the agricultural sector knowledge gap.

Five strategic partners; Mobitel, Keells, SDB Bank, Samaposha, CBL and Onish Agriculture have teamed up to strengthen their national rollout strategy through partnerships in mobile and technology, retail, banking, CSR and agriculture.

The CABE (Certificate in Agri Business and Entrepreneurship) program is also the first qualification of its kind in Sri Lanka. The colorful big start took place under the auspices of Suresh De Mel, Chairman of the Export Development Board, Andrea Bacarini, Public Economic Attache, and Dr. Ravi Fernando, Chairman of Global Strategic Sustainability Pvt Ltd, held honor each time.

Agriculture is still often viewed as the backbone of the local economy today. As Sri Lanka is rapidly urbanizing and shifting towards a service economy, the country remains largely rural and agriculture is still viewed as an industry with enormous potential. In a lush tropical climate, agriculture has taken deep roots and once made Sri Lanka famous as the granary of the east. It is for this reason that the institute has reaffirmed SLIM’s commitment to strengthening the national economy and revitalizing local industry and has introduced this latest professional qualification.

CABE is a three month qualification conducted in all three languages. The course is offered according to a mixed approach – on-site and online sessions depending on the type of module. The on-site meetings are held in the provinces of Uva and Zentral as required. In addition, the course consists of 11 modules that are offered in the form of interactive learning sessions and practical assignments.

Agriculture is linked and influenced by many swirling forces of change such as weather fluctuations, scarce natural resources and volatile commodity markets than most other industries, but it is also the lifeblood of the economy. CABE provides the ideal learning experience for aspiring local entrepreneurs who have an insatiable appetite for innovation in the agribusiness. The course covers the key areas required to run an agricultural business, including agriculture, entrepreneurship, agricultural marketing, agricultural finance, legal framework, human resource management, and smart farming. If you are an entrepreneur ready to take a leap in confidence to build a thriving agricultural business, CABE is your stepping stone to success.

Roshan Fernando, President of SLIM, commented on the launch of CABE: “SLIM is committed to empowering local entrepreneurs to drive the economy. Most of all, we strive to empower local entrepreneurs and give them wings to reach the peak of success so that they can become an invaluable asset to the national economy. “

“Agriculture is a reflection of a nation’s prosperity and self-sufficiency. We believe that a fortified agricultural sector has the potential to lead the nation to the developed status we all want. With the know-how of our ancestors in relation to sustainable agriculture and our fertile soil, this island nation should lead the world and contribute to the food needs of tomorrow. It is the order of the day to transform the raw material mindset of our farmers into a value-added mindset of the 21st century by developing the skills for competition in the upstream international markets. CABE will fill this knowledge gap by laying the foundation for building professionals in agriculture with a 21st century curriculum. Farmers and agribusiness owners are being developed as agripreneurs who are equipped with the knowledge, skills and competencies to capitalize on global opportunities in the industry, ”said Charaka Perara, Project Leader, Agri Saviya National Initiative

SLIM is the national agency for marketing in Sri Lanka and has been promoting outstanding marketing achievements and increasing the status of marketing since 1970. The institute is a member of the National Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka (NCCSL), the Organization of Professional Associations of Sri Lanka (OPA) and Association of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Sri Lanka (FCCISL). SLIM has also received ISO 9001: 2015 certification for its superior quality management system and ISO 2990: 2010 for Learning Service Providers (LSP) that provide non-formal education and training services.