Social media is awash typically with rumours and misinformation: Prince William on Covid-19 vaccination


Social media is sometimes full of misinformation and rumors related to the Covid-19 vaccination, warned Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge.

In a video released by Kensington Palace, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spoke to two women who have long-term health problems and are now eligible to receive the Covid19 vaccine.

Speaking to Shivali, who suffers from type 2 diabetes and said that she was “nervous” about getting the sting after many social media posts, and that she has now decided to have a vaccination, Prince William said: “Social Media is sometimes flooded with rumors and misinformation, “according to an excerpt from the discussion posted on her official Twitter account.

“We have to be a bit careful about who we believe and where we get our information from, especially those who are also clinically at risk. It is so important that these vaccinations are given,” he said.

He added that vaccine uptake so far has been “amazing” and they “want to move on” so that younger generations “feel like it is really important for them to have it” too.

The Duke’s remarks come shortly after Queen Elizabeth, 94, urged people to get vaccinated. The Queen discussed her experience with vaccination with the Covid-19 vaccine at a conference with UK health leaders earlier this week.

She said, “It was very quick and I had a lot of letters from people who were surprised at how easy it was to get the vaccine. And the bump – it didn’t hurt at all,” as quoted by a People’s Magazine report.

The queen and her husband were vaccinated against the novel coronavirus in January. Her eldest son and heir, Prince Charles, 72, and his second wife, Camilla, 73, have also received the engraving.