Society Cycle Home promotes well being and entrepreneurship in OTR


CINCINNATI – Dari Grant lives for her spinning class which is why it was so frustrating last winter when she couldn’t find a gym near her downtown home that wasn’t closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

So she decided to forge a plan to open her own.

“It’s not like running where it’s really hard on your knees and things like that,” Grant told WCPO. “You can just get started with cycling. You can also use it to do a full-body workout for the arms and next to the legs.”

During the pandemic, she rode her racing bike downtown and found that she didn’t have many opportunities to get around – at least within walking distance.

“I just thought, hey what can I do in the cold months and there was nothing in walking distance,” she said.

And so the Society Cycle House on 14th Street in Over-the-Rhine was created, a high-intensity fitness club that is accessible for residents of the city center and the OTR and suitable for cyclists of all experience levels and skill levels.

In addition to stationary bikes and a good atmosphere, the club’s first floor also has a lounge where members and drop-in drivers can relax before and after class.

“Our first area, we call it the living room, where you can come in and hang out before your class,” Grant said. “Mingle with the friends or people you might meet in class or around the corner and you’ll know you can have a juice. We squeezed juice here too. So grab some juice, grab some water , grab a towel, hang out. “

Grant also encourages her guests to hold meetings in the room.

In addition to being a mental and physical outlet, Grant uses the club as an opportunity to promote entrepreneurship. The lecturers all have their own company.

“All of my instructors are entrepreneurs who have been spinning for years or have their own businesses,” said Grant. “So the nice thing here is that I want to give them a chance to film with like-minded nuts so they can launch their brand.

One of these instructors, Inga Anderson, does a mean session but leaves her clients satisfied.

“The music is so good and the movements are so good that you don’t even know I trained you until you get off the bike,” she said. “It’s like a magic trick. I am magic!”