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Austin, Texas – (BUSINESS WIRE) – SolarWinds (NYSE: SWI), a leading provider of high-performance, affordable IT management software, today expanded its comprehensive database performance management portfolio with the introduction of SolarWinds® Database Insights for SQL Server®. Database Insights for SQL Server combines the features and functionality of the award-winning SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) and SolarWinds SQL Sentry® (SentryOne’s flagship product) into a new, single licensed product, delivering the full power and environmental data teams need the power of Optimize Microsoft® SQL Server and other leading database platforms running on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments.

Database Insights for SQL Server combines machine learning-based database anomaly detection capabilities from DPA with detailed performance information from SQL Sentry. It provides relevant, actionable metrics to help data professionals monitor, view and report on Microsoft SQL Server databases regardless of their location, monitor overall performance with the ability to dig deep inside the database and operating system, and perform performance Adapt dashboards to the needs of the stakeholders. In addition, Database Insights goes beyond SQL Server and offers one of the most comprehensive database coverage in the industry and manages the performance of more than 20 database platforms, from local to the cloud.

“Data and database growth is exponential,” said Rohini Kasturi, EVP, chief product officer at SolarWinds. “With this additional growth comes additional complexity, which makes it difficult to find solutions when problems arise. And as if that wasn’t difficult enough, hybrid environments make performance monitoring harder than ever. The addition of Database Insights for SQL Server strengthens our database performance management offering for customers who depend not only on the Microsoft SQL Server database management system, but also on a large number of databases today. ”

The SolarWinds 2021 Query Report: Database Priorities and Pitfalls

Kasturi noted that the increased administrative complexity faced by database professionals is further explored in The SolarWinds 2021 Query Report: Database Priorities and Pitfalls1, which takes an in-depth look at the state of database management today, assesses the key challenges database professionals face today, and outlines how database professionals can best address them.

The report finds that 7 in 10 respondents consider half or more of their company’s databases to be critical to their company’s success. Almost 80% of respondents state that Microsoft SQL Server is currently the most widely used platform, followed by a relatively even distribution between the second, third and fourth most popular platforms: Cloud DBaaS (54%), Oracle® (47%) , and MySQL® (43%).

“The heterogeneity we see in today’s database environments underscores the need for cross-platform database performance management solutions that provide comprehensive coverage regardless of the database type or the location of the data,” said Kasturi. “This diversity leads to increasing pressure as the database volume in companies increases. A third of respondents said they manage more than 300 databases in their environment. As databases are increasingly viewed as critical to business success, the web follows administrative complexity. ”

Accordingly, respondents indicated that most of their time is currently spent on database maintenance rather than learning key areas such as performance / query tuning, security management, and data engineering to better address these challenges.

At the same time, workloads are rapidly shifting to the cloud: 33% of respondents cited Cloud DBaaS as the primary database platform to be rolled out over the next three years, and 40% of respondents expect higher budget allocations for administration around the increased complexity in 2021 to databases. This research indicates an accelerated move to the cloud and the need for new skills to manage the complexity of workloads to ensure the performance of an organization’s most critical infrastructure: the database.

“Our investment in database performance management at SolarWinds is in line with our commitment and focus on future innovation to improve the quality of life of data professionals, even as their responsibilities and the number of databases they manage become increasingly complex and complex,” said Kasturi said. “The full portfolio provides data teams with some of the most comprehensive and affordable solutions available, with robust features and capabilities to effectively manage and optimize database performance, regardless of the database type or location of the data.

SolarWinds Database Performance Management Portfolio

SolarWinds database performance management solutions provide intelligent recommendations based on best practices for faster troubleshooting and AI implementation to detect anomalies, predict and identify potential problems before they disrupt business, and accelerate data delivery while controlling costs. The cross-platform solutions help data professionals manage complexities and provide the visibility they need to proactively optimize the performance of cross-platform databases – to reduce the risk of business interruptions, regardless of where the databases are running.

SolarWinds’ complete database performance management portfolio includes the following products:

  • Database insights for SQL ServerBroad coverage of detailed database and system metrics for Microsoft SQL Server database-related Microsoft services and other leading database platforms to aid solution and performance optimization for the largest environments.
  • Database performance analyzer– Database management software for performance monitoring, analysis and optimization with support for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Azure® SQL database, PostgreSQL®, MySQL, MariaDB®, IBM® DB2®, Amazon® RDS, Amazon Aurora, SAP® ASE, Percona ® and EDB Postgres® databases.
  • SQL guard– Monitoring of the database performance for the Microsoft® Data Platform with fast root cause analysis and transparency across the entire Microsoft database. SQL Sentry supports Microsoft SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Managed Instance, and Amazon RDS SQL Server databases.
  • Database performance monitor– Monitor and optimize database performance for open source databases, including Azure SQL Database, MySQL, MariaDB, Percona, PostgreSQL, EDB Postgres, GCP for PostgreSQL, GCP for MySQL, Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora, Azure Database, Redis®, MongoDB ®, and Vitess.

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1The results of the SolarWinds Query Report 2021: Database Priorities and Pitfalls (North America) are based on a survey conducted in February 2021 that found responses from 331 tech professionals responsible for database performance management (practitioners, managers and directors) in the US and Canada are responsible for small, medium and business public and private sector organizations.

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