Sport Administration and Operations, MS


Keizer University’s Master of Science in Sports Management and Operations (MSSMO) is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills they need for careers in the sports industry. The program prepares students for various positions in the sports business. The program provides students with critical thinking, business acumen, and communication skills to direct a variety of athletic activities – from minor league to school sports to college sports to professional sports. Ethical foundations and professional standards are established and strengthened. The MSSMO program encourages creativity and independent learning while promoting a collaborative atmosphere in the classroom.

Program objectives

Upon completing this program, students will be able to:

  • Effectively market the sport, its products and services for consumption
  • Limit liability in sports organizations by applying both risk management and best legal practices
  • Design, implement and manage sporting events and facilities
  • Identify and leverage trends in sports consumption to manage market strategies for improved consumption of a sports product or service
  • Apply sales best practices to improve sales performance in a sports organization
  • Apply ethical principles and critical thinking in the management and leadership of various sports organizations
  • Assess current issues in sports management – in the light of technology – and their likely impact on various sports organizations
  • Discuss how the economics and finances of sport influence the business decisions of sports organizations
  • Manage the day-to-day business aspects of a sports organization to accomplish that organization’s mission and goals
  • Communicate effectively using language, writing, other methods, and technology with diverse stakeholders

Requirements for major subjects

Students must complete an SMO600 internship before they can take the SMO610 Sport Management and Operations Capstone.

Program overview

To earn a Master of Science degree in Sports Management and Operations, students must earn 36 semester credit hours, as detailed below. The duration of this program is approximately 24 months for a full-time student.

Graduate Department courses

Master of Science in Sports Management and Operations Main Courses (36.0 credit hours)
Sports business management 3.0 credit hours
Venue and operation of the event 3.0 credit hours
Governance and Politics in Sports Organizations 3.0 credit hours
Sports marketing and revenue generation 3.0 credit hours
Sports communication and public relations 3.0 credit hours
Sponsorship and fundraising 3.0 credit hours
Sports finance and economics 3.0 credit hours
Legal aspects of sports and risk management 3.0 credit hours
Sports leadership and ethics 3.0 credit hours
Technology and social media in sports 3.0 credit hours
internship 3.0 credit hours
Sports management and operations Capstone * 3.0 credit hours

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