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Style of North Omaha backs entrepreneurship, vaccinations


OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Talented entrepreneurs in North Omaha will have the opportunity to showcase their products at the fourth annual Taste of North Omaha.

The organizers hope the event will help small businesses grow. They also hope it will help in the fight against COVID-19 in the minority community. Recent events have not helped North Omaha’s Imagine It All. When people living outside the community think of the northern part of the city, their thoughts are mostly negative. But there are people who work to shed light on the many positive things in the community.

Malcolm Tiller is the organizer of Taste of North Omaha, which aims to bring together people who are trying to start a business to showcase their talents and products.

“Grocery sellers of all kinds of foods,” said Tiller. All kinds of food, from barbecue to southern to home cooking, we have t-shirt designers out here, we have jewelry sales, we have shoes. … ”

Tiller says there will be more than just food and merchandise at the event. There will be COVID-19 vaccinations for a community that is lagging behind in vaccinating against the deadly virus.

“I am vaccinated. … I know what COVID can do and vaccination prevents that, ”he said. “I lost people from DOVID, really dear friends of mine. I don’t want it to go on like this. “

Tiller hopes the event will help the region’s economy by attracting new business.

Derrick Caldwell and his family moved from Kansas City to Omaha six months ago to open a grill restaurant. “We just started with the trailer and made pop-ups on the 30th and Ames and on the 90th and fort,” he said. It was extremely difficult. It wasn’t an easy process. “

Caldwell now has a brick and mortar store on 40th and Ames. He believes the Taste of North Omaha can make the journey a little easier for other startups.

“I definitely think it can help other people,” he said, “and bringing Northern Omaha to Omaha will motivate a lot of people in the community and get things going.”

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