Tech Village Africa Brings IT, Entrepreneurship Coaching Convention to extra Cities in Africa


The conference is part of TVA’s vision to improve technical competence and skill building among young people in Africa.

By Olivia Nalugya, contributing writer

Minnesota- Tech Village Africa (TVA), a startup company initiated by African diaspora technicians, is expanding its annual TVACON conference to other cities in Africa this year.

The annual conference, now in its third year since its inception, focuses on bringing young people closer to skills such as cybersecurity, computer programming, networking, software development, healthcare IT, digital marketing and many other topics.

According to a report, TVACON drew over 150 attendees in Ganta and Monrovia last year. This year, TVACON 2021 is scheduled for October 20-25 and will take place in Sanniquellie, Gbarnga, Buchanan, Monrovia and Freetown, Sierra Leone.

The conference is part of TVA’s vision to improve technical competence and skill building among young people in Africa.

Accordingly, they intend to bring it to a wider audience this year by adding Sierra Leone to the list.

TVA is also looking for partners to make this year’s conference more meaningful for young people with a desire to learn modern technical skills.

According to the TVA team, they are seeking sponsorship support for young people who are underrepresented in the tech industry, including women and families from low-income families, to attend the conference.

The ticket added by the TVA team for admission to the conference in Liberia is US $ 20, for the meeting in Sierra Leone it is US $ 10.

One of last year’s conference attendees, Samuel Williams, described the conference as “great” and assured that he was “100% prepared for the upcoming October conference”.

Another participant, Prince Begler from Sanniquellie, said in the post-conference poll how he felt about the conference last year.

Begler said, “What I like most about TVACON is the teaching aspect. Additionally, it’s an organization that has a very good short term and long term goal that will help us explore the world through modern technology.”

All age groups from 16 years can take part in the TVACON conference. Some participants also have the opportunity to win electronic devices such as laptops, tablets and smartwatches.

Most importantly, this year’s conference promises to be extremely educational and focused on high-level and applicable technical and business skills.

The TVA team is looking forward to getting in touch with the participants and welcoming them to TVACON 2021.

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