Ten Old-Fashioned Tricks That Act As A Natural Fly Deterrent

Ten Old-Fashioned Tricks That Act As A Natural Fly Deterrent

Long live summer, but do you also hate those damn flies? The most common flies in the world do not sting. The two best-known species in the world that can bite are horse flies and stable flies. So they don’t sting you, but they bite. Sometimes even though a thin T-shirt. You can get terrible mosquito bites from it. These flies are usually seen in damp weather, and a bite can be pretty painful. However, you can also chase these away just like you can do with normal flies. We collected ten old-fashioned tricks that act as a natural fly deterrent.

Ten Old-Fashioned Tricks That Act As A Natural Fly Deterrent

1.  Hygiene

The most important thing is to create hygienic conditions in your home and especially in the kitchen. Don’t leave the dishes out, clean your worktop, empty your trash cans regularly, and don’t leave food out in the open.

2.  Garlic, Garlic, Garlic

In some ways, flies are very similar to humans: they too are repelled by the smell of garlic. To keep flies at bay, make a decoction of garlic:

  • Boil fresh and juicy garlic in water to soak the soluble parts.
  • Strain the stock.
  • Place the result in a bowl at your window.

3.  Like in Provence

Flies hate the scent of lavender even more. Bouquets, candles, essential oils, you can find lavender in all shapes and ways. With this weather, you imagine yourself on holiday in Provence.

4.  Cloves

Cloves are usually a good repellent against flies. For the best results, stick a few in onion, lemon, or orange cut in half. Put everything in a bowl and place one in every room of your house. For a long-lasting effect: repeat every week.

5.  Basil

Another repellent: basil. It has a pleasant smell for humans but annoying for flies, so you make twice the profit. You can place a plant anywhere in the house, but you can also leave several loose leaves in strategic places all over the house.

6.  Vinegar

You can also use white vinegar to scare away flies. You can use it in different ways: heat it and put a bowl at a window, or use it to wash your windows.

7.  Onion

The onion is also an ally in the fight against the fly. Sliced ​​onion or decoctions can be placed on top of the cabinet or windows. You can also rub the window frames with onion to ward off intruders.

8.  Light

Mosquitoes are attracted to light. To keep a particular room fly-free at night, keep the lights off and leave a light on in another room.

9.  A trap

The last two tips are more extreme. The first is to build a fly trap yourself. Take a clear plastic bottle and cut the top off. Pour some sweet liquid into the bottom, and place the top cut upside down. The flies are attracted to the liquid but do not get out of the bottle afterward.

10.   Adhesive tape

The second ‘radical’ tip is to hang sticky anti-fly ribbons. Once the fly sticks on it, it cannot leave. Flies have also herded animals and are attracted to their kind. Don’t hesitate to stick a dead fly on a new ribbon and hang it where the intruders bother you a lot.