The Academy Of Administration Launches “Insights,” An Unique Digital Journal For Enterprise Managers, Leaders, And Organizations Worldwide


BRIARCLIFF MANOR, NY, January 25, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The Academy of Management, the world’s largest management and organizational research organization, announced the launch of its online magazine, Academy of Management Insights.

Insights brings together the best peer-reviewed management research from the world’s leading academics into educational evidence for managers, executives, business students, the media, emerging academics, and the workplace.

Insights summaries have recently been published by the world’s top media outlets including the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Forbes, New York Times, Inc., TIME, Fast Company, Business Insider, Huffington Post, and more.

Each Insights article includes easy-to-read summaries – and frequent infographics and videos – of peer-reviewed articles from AOM’s six high-ranking academic journals. An Insights article sheds light on actionable insights and is based on science to help leaders improve their careers and best manage their organizations. The content focuses on the most important global trends and topics in management research.

AOM President Dr. Quinetta Roberson from Michigan State University further explained the value of Insights.

“In today’s world of skewed thinking and hearsay, it is more important than ever for global business leaders and the media to have access to theoretical and factual research. Insights fills those gaps, providing academic research and actionable evidence developed by social leaders became science that helps educate the top issues affecting businesses and organizations today, from COVID-19 to race and inequality issues to improving relationships with colleagues while working remotely, “Roberson said.

From the C-Suite to entry-level users, Insights content helps executives of today and tomorrow stay one step ahead of tomorrow’s top trends, improve their careers and expand their knowledge of best practices for businesses and companies.

Inside Insights: Research summarized with actionable information

Insights has summary articles on a variety of topics that provide direct, informative and actionable evidence for the workplace. Insights topics include leadership, innovation, motivation, diversity, behavior, entrepreneurship, wellbeing, politics, C-suite, career, performance, gender, emotions, human resources, ethics and corporate social responsibility.

In order to provide the best possible information on the most important business trends and national and global news cycles, Insights combines thematically related articles that can provide important information on trending topics. In 2020, Insights summaries were brought together to educate about racism, equality and ethics, and also about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Additional articles on Free Access Insights:

Race, Equality and Job:

Labor productivity


The C-Suite

Optimal team collaboration

Human resources


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With 20,000 members from more than 120 countries on six continents, the Academy of Management is the world’s largest association for management and organizational research. In addition to Insights, an online magazine with easy-to-read, evidence-based research for managers and executives, AOM publishes six first-class journals with the most authoritative and diverse results of management research. More information is available at

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