The Advantages Of A Green Roof

The Advantages Of A Green Roof

A green roof can be described as a roof that is provided with a certain type of planting. Often it concerns types of vegetation such as grasses, herbs, succulents, dune plants, and the like. Two types of green roofs can be distinguished, namely extensive green roofs and intensive green roofs. Many people choose to also combine a green roof with solar panels or wind turbines.

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The Advantages Of A Green Roof

The 10 advantages of a green roof

In addition to the many benefits that a green roof has to offer to the environment, there are several other advantages that come with installing a green roof. The most common benefits are as follows:

1.  The insulation of your home will be improved.

By installing a green roof, the insulation value of your roof is increased so that the heat stays inside longer during the cold winter months and it stays cool longer inside your home during the warm summer period. This increases the living comfort inside your home thanks to the constant indoor temperature.

2.  Solar panels yield more

A green roof in combination with solar panels is an ideal choice as a green roof provides a higher return. Because the roof heats up less quickly, the roof stays cool and the heat dissipation from solar panels is improved.

3.  The lifespan is extended

A green roof extends the life of your roof and lasts more than 60 years if you maintain the roof regularly.

4.  Water retention and air purification

Green roofs form an ideal water buffer as the plants absorb at least 50% of the rainwater. In this way, overloading of drains and sewers is prevented. In addition, a green roof ensures improved air purification.

5.  Energy saving

Thanks to the higher insulation value of a green roof, you do not have to heat as much, which saves on monthly energy costs.

6.  Deliberately environmentally friendly

By installing a green roof, you are actively involved in contributing to environmental improvement. In addition, a green roof offers more biodiversity in the city.

7.  The soundproofing effect

A green roof reduces the noise from the environment both inside and outside. A sound barrier is formed around your home, as it were so that you can enjoy silence and tranquility more.

8.  Value increase of the home

With a green roof, the value of your home increases, making it easier to sell your house on the housing market at an increased price.

9.  The fireproof function

One of the advantages of a green roof is that it creates a fire-resistant layer around the building. Should a fire-related accident occur, your roof (and your home) will be better protected.

10.  Subsidy options

If you meet certain conditions, you have the option to apply for a subsidy from the municipality for the construction of a green roof. In this way, you can save on investment costs, which can add up considerably depending on the surface of the roof and your wishes.

Are there any drawbacks?

Unfortunately, there are also some disadvantages that we have to take into account when it comes to a green roof. For example, the costs of installing a green roof are not exactly cheap. You also need to look at the weight of the green roof, which should not be an overload for the shelter. In addition, it is more difficult to detect and remedy a leak on a green roof. Furthermore, a green roof attracts many birds and insects and you have a greater chance of leaks due to root growth.