The {Couples}’ Information to Vibrators


Here’s the deal: every vibrator is a couple vibrator if you want it to be. Most vibrators don’t have any specific prescribed functions – they’re meant to be explored, enjoyed, and played with.

To paraphrase a trustworthy sex therapist, partner sex works best when each person takes responsibility for their own sexual desires. The introduction of toys into your sex life can be a deeply satisfying expression of this principle.

Below are our current favorites, sorted according to needs and wishes.

For hands-free exploration

Eva II was developed for partner sex and has flexible “wings” that are intended to be tucked under the labia to hold the vibrator in place so that all hands are free to carry body weight or do anything else You want. It may take some practice and adjustment to find the right position – dragging a labium (lip) over a wing at a time.

  1. Dame Products EVA II VIBRATOR Goop, $ 135

    Dame Products EVA II VIBRATOR Goop, $ 135


Tilt was developed with pleasure for all genders: It has two independently controlled motors – one at the plug end to stimulate the G-spot or the prostate and another on the longer, outer arm that can be used to stimulate the clitoris or the perineum . The feeling of the vibrations is not like a typical hum; it’s more of a deep, booming, radiant feeling. It lies very flat against the body when inserted – and it’s designed to stay in place while exploring. (Bonus: it has a warming function that increases blood flow, making it easier to relax and eventually climax.)

  1. Lora DiCarlo TILT Goop, $ 140

    Lora DiCarlo TILT Goop, $ 140


For remote control

The We-Vibe Chorus has two different heads; You slide the smaller one into the vagina and the larger one rests against the vulva and clitoris. The smaller, internal head is inconspicuous and can be worn comfortably during penetrative sex. To adjust the vibrations of the chorus, you can press the controls on the larger head or press the included remote control which responds to pressure from your hand to increase the intensity. Or give this remote to your partner and have them take turns pressing your buttons. This set comes with the Womanizer Premium, a clitoral stimulator that uses pulses of air to create a sucking sensation (not for nothing one of our five best-selling vibrators).

  1. Womanizer GOLDEN MOMENTS COLLECTION Goop, $ 299

    Womanizer GOLDEN MOMENTS COLLECTION Goop, $ 299


Ohnut is designed to adjust the depth. You simply stack the four modular rings and wrap them around the base of the penetrating partner’s penis (or your toy of choice) to create a soft, compressible buffer. It doesn’t sacrifice pleasant sensations for either partner – each ring is squishy and stretchy and feels like skin. We recommend starting with three and then downgrading to four or two from there.

  1. Ohnut OHNUT Goop, $ 65

    Ohnut OHNUT Goop, $ 65


For exploring erogenous zones

The We-Vibe Touch X is designed to stimulate sensitive areas all over the body and is a versatile vibrator that fits well in your hand – or that of your partner. Take a look at the flat cup on top of your head: you can press the whole thing against your vulva for a wider feeling, or use the ridge for targeted stimulation of the clitoris or nipples.

  1. We-Vibe TOUCH X Goop, $ 99

    We-Vibe TOUCH X Goop, $ 99


Imagine the French lover as a second language. The flexible tip vibrates slightly and can be turned over to simulate a delicate sensation of licking. It’s great for a teasing setup, for beginners, or for those who are more sensitive to heavy pressure.

  1. Smile Makers THE FRENCH LOVER Goop, $ 60

    Smile Makers THE FRENCH LOVER Goop, $ 60


Finger vibrators like the Fin are designed to be effortless to wear, feel natural and not distract you from the moment. Simply slide your index and middle fingers along the grooves and change the intensity with the power button on top.

  1. Dame Products FIN VIBRATOR Goop, $ 85

    Dame Products FIN VIBRATOR Goop, $ 85


For clitoral stimulation

Sila is a clitoral vibrator that never comes into contact with the clitoris itself. It has an extra wide mouth that encompasses the entire head of the clitoris and uses gentle sound waves that create pulsation and suction.

  1. LELO SILA VIBRATOR Goop, $ 169

    LELO SILA VIBRATOR Goop, $ 169


Wands provide a rumbling, strong external vibration that is good for those who need more stimulation to get off the ground. Our double-sided wall vibrator does this with its miracle ball end and more: The other end is slim and flexible for precise clitoral vibrations as well as exploring the vaginal opening. (The narrow end can also penetrate an inch or two; it feels especially good when pressed against the front wall of the vagina.)

  1. goop Wellness DOUBLE SIDED ROD VIBRATOR goop, $ 95

    goop Wellness DOUBLE SIDED ROD VIBRATOR goop, $ 95


For erotic massage

This herbal massage oil – a mixture of safflower, sunflower, grape seed and jojoba oil – has just the right amount of lubricity and does not absorb into the skin too quickly. It’s silky smooth and beautiful on its own. But it is even better to gently warm it up in the wrist warmer. Just put a capsule in the warmer, press a button, wait a minute, and hold your fingers under the dispenser for two seconds; it delivers an evenly measured blob into your fingers. (It’s also great as a lubricant – Pulse makes pods with a clean, water-based lubricant.) The warmer automatically turns off an hour after it was last used and has a locking feature so it never goes out if you don’t want it.




For communication and intimacy

Each entry in this diary is designed to be picked up right after sex. Each entry in this diary asks you and your partner to think separately first, then together, about what felt best, what you both want from the game, and how you are growing together. If you ever feel uncomfortable talking about sex, the journal also includes instructions on how to deal with those feelings. Ultimate goal? Greater openness, a bit of silliness, and a little more enjoyable sex.

  1. A Sex Diary A SEX JOURNAL FOR COUPLES, $ 26